Doraemon’s Time-Travelling Adventures in Singapore at National Museum of Singapore

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Take trip across time with National Museum of Singapore and Doraemon! There will be lots of photo opportunities across the museum with the beloved Cat-Robot that many Mummies and Daddies grew up with! 

Date: 31 Oct - 27 Dec 2020
Time: 10 am - 7 pm (Last admission at 6.30 pm)
Fee: Free

Head down to the National Museum of Singapore (NMS) and go through the Anywhere Door with Doraemon's Time-Travelling Adventures in Singapore! The story of Doraemon is one of friendship (and kinship), ingenuity and comedy, and NMS hopes to remind families of these elements and bring smiles to families who visit the exhibition. 

Photo Opportunity at Lawn

You will find Doraemon and the Anywhere Door, along side many other lovable Doraemon statues along the museum's front lawn. 

Seek out the Doraemon with your favourite gadget, from Small Light to the Combet Table Cloth, and snap a picture with it! If you don't know your Doraemon gadgets, don't worry and just go snapping away at these cute statues! 

BYKIDO TIP: If you plan to go in the day, remember to bring an umbrella, hat or sunblock to protect yourself from the sun!

Look down at the grass and you will notice interesting patterns marked out. These are not drawn by aliens, but markings to help you keep your safety distance - so don't forget your safe distancing measures and make sure to wear your masks too!

Time-Travel Machine

Head into the museum to find Doraemon's Time-Travel Machine! With the "time travelling" backdrop and the popular Doraemon jingle playing in the background, you may mistake yourself as Nobita or Shizuka, going on an adventure with Doraemon!

While tempting, the Time-Travel Machine is not meant from climbing, sitting or touching - otherwise you might get transported back in time or worse, break something... 

Head into the Singapore History Gallery (towards the end), and you will also find a small exhibit of Doraemon's gadgets - including the Doc-in-a-box and Shrink Ray!

Online Activities and Collectables

Think you have an inventor's mind? Download templates from Redesign An Artefacts, and try your hand at designing your own special-powered gadget based on real artefacts on display at the museum! 

Discover fun facts about Singapore's 14 neighbourhoods in an online scavenger hunt, Let's jalan-jalan!, and stand to win Doraemon Singapore-themed collectables too! 

The Doraemon Time-Travelling Adventures in Singapore runs till 27 December. More activities are planned for the school holidays with Children's Season starting from 16 November 2020. So stay tuned as we continue to update you on your next family fun! 


Are you a Doraemon fan? Tell us which is your favourite Doraemon gadget and why? 



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