Punggol Container Park - Out-of-The-Box Dining Experience by the Park

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Located at Punggol East, Punggol Container Park offers parents an out-of-the box dining experience and open space for the kids! 

Venue: 50 Punggol East Tebing Lane, Singapore 828826

If you are looking for a new dining experience, you may wish to visit Punggol Container Park. It is an Artbox-ish eating spot that is hidden in the heartlands of Punggol East. 

Officially known as Social Entrepreneurship and Eco-park Development (SEED) @ Social Innovation Park (SIP) seeks to be the first integrated social playground for the exchange, prototyping and showcasing of innovative and inclusive solutions to social challenges. 

Bring Your Bikes And Scooters!

The restaurants stretch along the Punggol-Promenade Riverside Walk, and it is common to see families arriving from the park connector in sportswear or on their bicycles. There are also open spaces around the venue that allows kids to ride or scoot!

If you are planning to visit, you may wish to consider bringing your bikes and scooters. Even an evening stroll along the Riverside Walk after dinner will be a good bonding time for the family. 

Lots Of F&B Options And More!

The park is "split" into 2 parts. One part is more of the bars and outdoor seating, and the other more indoor and air-conditioned. There are many dining options available including Japanese, Korean, Thai, Chinese, Western and Halal, and even pet friendly options too!

Apart from the extensive F&B option, there are also various activities that families may engage in too. For example, they may wish to visit the nearby plant nurseries or go for an archery session. 

Absorb The Atmosphere 

The most interesting about the Punggol Container Park is the dining experience and atmosphere. There is a very casual feel and the option to dine outdoors by the Riverside Walk (sometimes on the grass) makes it a relaxed experience. 

Come evening, the area turns more picture-worthy as fairy lights and other lighting are used. 

Things For Families To Note

A couple of things that will be helpful for families visiting. 

  1. Bring insect repellent or patch. 
  2. Water (some of the restaurants do not serve water)
  3. If sitting outdoors, try to get the ones nearer to the Riverside Walk as it will be cooler 
  4. Reach early, by 6pm the place will start to get pack on weekends

How To Get To The Punggol Container Park

Public Transport: Use the Punggol LRT East Loop and alight at Riviera station. Walk about 5 mins to reach the Punggol Container Park. For buses, take services 3, 83 or 85, and alight at the Riviera Station Exit A. 

Car: You can search for Punggol Container Park on Google Maps. There are plenty of parking available (as long as you are early). 

Have we pique your interest? It is definitely worth a visit and we believe will be a cool experience for families. Let us know if you have visited before and share your pictures with us on social media! 




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