Camp Road Playground | A Small Hidden Nature Playground

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A small hidden nature playground at Camp Road waiting for the little ones to explore! 

Venue: Camp Road
Opening Hours: 24 hours

Located along Camp Road (off Tanglin Road), is a small and pretty well hidden nature playground. The Camp Road Playground might be small but it is also nice and quiet, great for curious little ones looking to explore nature!

Let's take a look at what you can expect at the playground. 

Bee Hotel 

Walking towards the play area, you will come across a small man-made cottage standing on a poll. This is the Bee Hotel and as you can imagine, it is built for solitary bees to next in. 

What are solitary bees? Solitary bees are not bees who have left the hive and decided to live alone. In fact, there are over 200 species of solitary bee and, as the name suggests, they live alone. Because solitary bees do produce honey, they do not have a pot of honey to protect, thus they are generally non-aggressive, meaning they are safe around pets and children. 

Log Play Area

The Camp Road playground is divided into 3 sections. You will sections with swings, log play, a balancing maze and a log exercise area featuring logs and stumps. At the log play area, you will find logs connecting to each other creating "log balancing beams" as well as logs of varying heights. There will be lots of balancing that needs to be done here! 

Log Balancing Maze 

At this section, you will find a maze made of logs. It isn't much of a maze and the kids will probably enjoy balancing on logs instead! 

Log Exercise Area

Here you will find an interesting and unique exercise area with exercise equipment made from logs! 

More For Families

There are also 3 yellow swings that families can enjoy together. Families will also find a large open field next to the playground to have a picnic or simply chill. 

The entire play area is also under large raintrees that provide shade from the sun and makes playtime a lot more comfortable. You will also spot many butterflies due to the beautifully laid out flowering shrubs around the playground. 

What To Bring? 

We recommend the usual insect repellant, sunscreen and water bottle. Definitely consider bringing extra clothes to change after play time is over too.

Location of Camp Road Playground

The nature playground is located along Camp Road. You can get into Camp Road via Tanglin Road. If you are driving, you may choose to park along Camp Road too. 

 *Photo Credits: @parksfunmomnson



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