Free Aviation-themed Outdoor Playgrounds at Dakota Breeze

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Bring the kids to the aviation-themed free outdoor playgrounds at Dakota Breeze with slides, seesaw and more! 

Venue: 92A Jln. Satu, Singapore 392092
Admission: Free

Take off into an adventure at Dakota Breeze! Located at the junction of Jalan Satu and Jalan Dua, Dakota Breeze offers not just one, but three unique playgrounds for your family's enjoyment. In addition to these fantastic play areas, Dakota Breeze also features fitness zones and two rooftop gardens, which are accessible to both residents and the general public.

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Aeroplane Climbing Structure

Board a special plane, conquer the runway and let your children's imagination take flight! Let's prepare for takeoff as your little aviators test their balance skills on the exhilarating ropes of the aeroplane climbing structure.

Children will get to scale the rope ladders, climb through the plane, and go on an imaginary flight! Whether it is a leisure flight or an aerial air-battle, it is all up to their imagination! 

The Dakota Heliport

Make your way to the Dakota Heliport! At this play structure, children can climb up and zoom down the slide (or simply climb back down)! There are  also markings around the padded playground so that children can imagine themselves on a runway!

Toddler's Helicopter

Photo Credits: BYKidO

Little ones can also enjoy fun time with the Helicopter play structure with a little slide for them to come sliding down! The Helicopter structure also includes pilot seats with a steering wheel and throttle for pretend play too!

Seesaws and Rockers

Kids can also take a break from flying and enjoy classic playground fun on the seesaws and rockers. Let your children engage in delightful bouncing and rocking motion as they interact with other kids.


Dakota Breeze playgrounds are located within the Dakota Breeze HDB located at the junction of Jalan Satu and Jalan Dua. It is approximately 100m from from Dakota MRT Station.

Each playground is located at a different area within the estate and you can find the playgrounds next to Blk 90B (Heliport), 91A (Aeroplane) and 92A (Helicopter). 

What to Bring

Families visiting the playground should remember to bring their water bottles, sunscreen and mosquito repellent. It will also be useful to have a little towel or change for the kids after they are done with play time.

There are seating around the playground with the seats at the Heliport offering some shade. Parents can take a break and perhaps a portable fan will be a useful "add-on" to bring along too!


*Photo Credits: Playpoint Asia


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