[UPDATED WITH LAUNCH DATE] LEGO And IKEA Brilliant Storage And Play Boxes | The BYGGLEK Collection

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BYGGLEK is a range of LEGO-compatible boxes aimed at combining storage and play so that parents and kids can have fun and less mess (and no more painful soles) together! Coming soon to Singapore! 

After 2 years of planning (and millions of combined painful years of parents stepping on LEGO bricks), LEGO and IKEA unveils their collaborative BYGGLEK collection! While the details are scarce, but this little post on IKEA Singapore seems to hint that it will be in Singapore soon!

The posts garnered over 1,200 likes and 250 shares in 17hrs, there seems to be a lot of anticipation about what to expect. If our guess is right, we think there will be much more excitement over this new collection! 

What is it? 

BYGGLEK is pronounced boog-lee-eck, and it means "to build and play", and that is what these storage boxes are about! 

The collection features four products: one set of 3 small boxes, two sets of biggers boxes and one set of LEGO bricks. The boxes will have LEGO studs on their top and front, they can be used for both storage and for play.

The boxes can be connected with each other and will be compatible with all other LEGO bricks to feed the creation of large and extensive ideas and creativity!

So it becomes much easier to "please keep your toys after you are done playing" for the kids... how come it took so long for someone to think of this?

IKEA designer Andreas Fredriksson said that "where adults often see mess, children see a stimulating creative environment, and BYGGLEK will help bridge the gap between these two views to ensure more creative play in homes around the world."

We wholeheartedly agree but also like to add that parents also see and experience a lot of painful soles!

How much will it cost? 

The range will be available in European and North American IKEA stores from 1 Oct 2020 and rolled out globally later in the year. The pricing below is gathered from overseas sources in USD and EURO, and can be used as an indication of prices in Singapore. 

  • Bygglek Box with lid (large): $14.99 / ‚ā¨14.99
  • Bygglek Box with lid (smaller): $12.99 / ‚ā¨12.99
  • Bygglek Boxes with lids (set of 3): $9.99 / ‚ā¨9.99
  • Bygglek 201-piece Lego brick set: $14.99 / ‚ā¨14.99


IKEA posted a cryptic message on their Facebook page, and we can only make an educated guess that they are referring to the BYGGLEK collection. 

If so, families in Singapore may purchase the IKEA and LEGO collaboration from 18 Feb 2021!

What do you think? Have you gotten excited about these boxes yet? 

*Image Credits: IKEA and LEGO



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