Dyson Has 44 Free Experiments to Teach Your Kid Engineering

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Courtesy of the James Dyson Foundation and Dyson engineers, you can download a free set of 44 engineering and science experiments, all of which demonstrate basic principles of science and physics to do at home!

Available since 2016, these challenge cards are designed for children and are ideal for doing at home. They encourage the little ones to be excited about engineering! There are a total of 44 challenges split by 22 science challenges and 22 engineering ones. 

Sharing the Why

Not only does each challenge show you the step by step to complete the challenge. It provides you and your child the "How does it work" portion to explain the why behind the challenge, and that makes it more educational too! 

Types of Challenges

Download the challenge cards, and start exploring! You may even watch some of the experiments on a dedicated Playlist on Dyson's YouTube channel too!

Below we list some of the easier and interesting ones that you can do at home!

  • Science Challenge 1: Changing States, making an egg fit into a bottle without breaking it.¬†
  • Science¬†Challenge 9: Bright As A Penny, clean a coin using cola
  • Science¬†Challenge 17: Scared Pepper, move pepper away from you without touching it
  • Engineering Challenge 11: Balloon Car Race, make and race a balloon-powered car
  • Engineering Challenge 12: Design and Build a Helicopter, build a helicopter using just paper and paperclips



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