7 Children’s Day Gift Ideas to Impress Your Kids

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With Children’s Day coming soon, we put your mind at ease with gift ideas that you can’t go wrong with! 

If you’re wandering the great wide web in search of gift ideas for little ones for this Children’s Day, look no further! We’ve compiled 7 gift ideas that are sure to impress your kids!

1. Children’s Books

Source: Simon & Schuster

The best thing about books is that they allow you to travel anywhere you want and become anyone; a hero, a poet, an astronaut, a wizard, anything really. You can give your little ones the gift of adventure by cultivating the habit of reading from a young age. 

Aside from Times and Kinokuniya, you can also get a book for children of different ages at Woods in the BooksClosetful of BooksMy Greatest Child, and Owl Readers Club. If you’re purchasing online at Owl Readers Club, be sure to quote [ BYKIDO10 ] to enjoy 10% off your purchase!  

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2. Sweets, Snacks & Treats

Source: Nanatang

If you have a sweet-toothed kid, they will probably never say no to sweets, rather it will be a much welcome gift. Grab a bucket and fill it with chocolates, cookies, cakes, macarons, candies, and all things sweet. If you’re worried your little tyke might eat all of the sweet stuff at one go, you can divide the portion and gift it over several days instead. This way you can make sure they don’t overdose on sugar and extend the happiness over several days! 

3. Tech Toys

Source: ToyTag

We’re in the technological era and that means, among other things, oodles of tech toys! Not only are tech toys a great way to keep your little humans entertained, but they’re also a great way to keep them up-to-date with the technological advancements of the time! 

You can consider myFirst Sketch, a durable and environmental-friendly portable sketch pad; littleBits Avengers Hero Inventor Kit, which allows kids to build and customize their own high-tech hero gear, and; the Intelino Smart Train, a classic toy train, reinvented, among others. 

4. DIY Kits

Source: Mr Bottle’s Kids Party 

DIY kits like Craft Walk’s Craft Box is another great gift idea for young ones. With all the materials they’ll need for the particular craft packed into the box, including instructions, they’ll be free to explore without any hindrance. You can also use DIY kits as an opportunity to spend quality time with your little ones. And your options for DIY kits are a multitude, from Kids Magic Set and Dinosaur Excavation Kit to slime-making and art jamming sets! For more inspiration, check out our list of DIY sets and more DIY sets

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5. Personalized Plushie

Source: Lovingly Signed 

If you have tiny little ones or are looking for a suitable gift for tiny little ones, check out Lovingly Signed. They specialize in personalized baby gifts and their selection ranges from baby safe dish sets and toys to clothing, hooded towels, and robes for tiny tots. Some of their offerings also provide you with the option of embroidering a name of your choice! Even if your little ones have passed their baby phase, it might not be too late for a Bashful Bunny with their name embroidered of its shirt! 

6. Musical Instruments

Source: Swee Lee

If you’re raising future musicians, then you will make their day by gifting them a child-friendly musical instrument this Children’s Day! You can find a range of musical toys at toy stores like ToyTag. Additionally, Swee Lee also carries an outstanding collection of musical instruments designed specifically for children by NINO Percussion. 

7. An Excursion to Their Favorite Place

Source: Aquarius Cove

An island getaway may be out of the question (for now) but you can still bring your little ones on a little family trip within Singapore. Book a staycation or take another trip to their favorite playground. Swing by Sentosa and spend the day hitting the curves at Skyline Luge or the thrill rides at Universal Studios Singapore. After all, putting aside any work you may have to spend time together with your kids may just be the best present for them. 



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