5 Things To Do With Kids In Singapore This Week (9 - 15 Aug 2021)

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For some of us, this weekend is a super long weekend with the kids off school for the PSLE Oral Exams. Here's a list of best things to do and places to go with kids this week (9 - 15 Aug 2021) in Singapore!

For some of us, this week is a really short week for the kids with National Day on Mon, a school holiday on Tuesday, and a school break (for primary school kids) for the PSLE Oral Exams on Thu and Fri! Let's take a look at what families can do this week. 

If you need additional help, do check out another list prepared specially for kids having a school break for the PSLE Oral Exams. 

Flipside 2021 ‚Äď Playing the Hand

Image credit Esplanade

Venue: Online
Date:¬†6 ‚Äď 15 Aug 2021
Hours:¬†8 pm (6 ‚Äď 8 & 13 ‚Äď 14 Aug) | 4 pm (15 Aug)
Fee: $30
Recommended: 6 years and above

Set in a cosy living room and hosted by a pair of best-friend illusionists, Darren Tien and Jerryl Tan, Playing the Hand is a humorous virtual magic show.

Playing the Hand invites audiences to tune out the world and embark on an intimate online journey of magic, misdirection and mystery that will tickle the eye of your mind. This participatory and live virtual experience will have you re-examining notions of perception, introspection and transformation as reality shifts alongside your perspective.

In this live stream, Darren & Jerryl explore themes of the self through a captivating narrative that interweaves vignettes of personal stories, astonishing illusions and unexpected sleights of hand.

National Day Activities and Deals @ SAFRA Mount Faber

Venue: SAFRA Mount Faber
Date:¬†1 ‚Äst30 Aug 2021
Hours: Various

A variety of onsite activities and deals are happening at SAFRA Mount Faber as part of the National Day celebrations. Some of these include 

  • Guess The Landmark (FREE):¬†Identify all 11 landmarks that are featured at our SAFRA Mount Faber and submit your¬†answers¬†at the SAFRA Mount Faber Facebook page. Stand a chance to win $20 SAFRA Rewards Vouchers. Only for SAFRA Members
  • NDP Instagram Corner (FREE):¬†Have fun at the Instagram corner¬†with silly photos and antics

SAFRA members may also enjoy a free cup of coffee/tea at Heavenly Wang, free cookie at Subway, free scoop of ice-cream at Old Habits Boutique and Cafe, and $2 off bowling games at Superbowl. Get more information here. 

Go Bowling With The Kids

Venue: Various

An indoor and fun family activity, bowling centres can be easily found around the island. It is not weather dependent and is great for the seemingly erratic weather that we have experienced over the last week. And if you need help, here is a list of family-friendly bowling centres for your to consider! 

Additionally, we have a couple of bowling deals for you to consider too! These include at 

Singapore Bowling

Forte Bowl

Go On A Literary Trail

Venue: West Coast Park, East Coast Park and Ground Floor Plaza of the National Library Building
Date: Till 31 Oct 2021
Admission: Free

The literary¬†trails organised by the National Library Board build on this year‚Äôs theme of ‚ÄėReboot!‚Äô by inspiring the public to consider fresh¬†perspectives and face challenges in life. The literary trails offer a self-directed and interactive¬†experience, which can be enjoyed¬†by the family!

The main character of ‚ÄúThe Curious Adventure of the¬†Salaryman‚ÄĚ, named Gerry, is a typical Salaryman who requires a change in his life. You¬†need to collect three tokens along the self-guided trails to help¬†Gerry¬†change his outlook on life and face life‚Äôs challenges with a positive mindset!

Seasonal Artwork At Digital Light Canvas at Marina Bay Sands



Venue: Marina Bay Sands
Date: 7 - 22 Aug 2021
Admission: $5 to enter, free to watch

The limited time seasonal artwork ‚ÄĚteamLab Crystal Fireworks with Nature‚Äôs Rhythm" will be on display at the Digital Light Canvas, Marina Bay Sands for the Nation's birthday. This seasonal artwork will run from August 7 - 22, 2021.

Simply by scanning a QR code, you can select and display your selected fireworks animation on the Digital Light Canvas - watch the IG post to get a better understanding! To enter the Digital Light Canvas, you will need to purchase a ticket at $5 per person, and it allows you to watch shoals of fish gather in the ocean beneath you as crystals light up overhead, or paint calligraphic art with your feet while flowers blossom in your wake.


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