Read! Fest 2021 Literary Trails - A Multi-Sensory Reading Adventure

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Go on a fun-filled reading adventure at Read! Fest 2021’s multi-sensory self-guided literary trails at the West Coast Park, the East Coast Park, and the National Library Building!

Venue: West Coast Park, East Coast Park and Ground Floor Plaza of the National Library Building
Date: Till 31 Oct 2021
Admission: Free

Organised by the National Library Board (NLB) as an extension of Read! Fest 2021, the literary¬†trails build on this year‚Äôs theme of ‚ÄėReboot!‚Äô by inspiring the public to consider fresh¬†perspectives and face challenges in life. The literary trails offer a self-directed and interactive¬†experience, which can be enjoyed¬†by the family!

The Curious Adventure Of The Salaryman

The main character of ‚ÄúThe Curious Adventure of the¬†Salaryman‚ÄĚ, named Gerry, is a typical Salaryman who requires a change in his life. You¬†need to collect three tokens along the self-guided trails to help¬†Gerry¬†change hisoutlook on life and face life‚Äôs challenges with a positive mindset!

This is a digital trail where you start your by scanning the QR codes on the uniquely designed art installations at West Coast Park, East Coast Park and National Library Building. Each installations depict the different stages of the Salaryman’s journey, its sensory elements, and quotes from four recommended English titles in Read! Fest.

Note that the literary trails are designed to be self-guided, families will need an internet-enabled device for example a smartphone or a tablet with camera to scan the QR quotes at the six unique art installations to activate the storyline and sensory elements of the trail. See video below for what to expect! 

The starting points of your adventure are

  • West Coast Park: Beside McDonald‚Äôs restaurant
  • East Coast Park: Beside East Coast Lagoon Food Village
  • National Library Building: Plaza at level 1

Apart from taking part in the trail, you may want to check out the many other things to do at East Coast Park and West Coast Park too! 

Features and Challenges At the 6 Stations

Station 1: Participants are introduced to Gerry the Salaryman and learn of his predicament at this station. Begin the trail by scanning the QR code on the installation, which will launch a chatbot to chat with Gerry. Remember to check out the quotes and excerpt pop-ups within the chatbot, and bookmark them to review after the trail.

Station 2: Gerry needs to contact the Big Boss Man, but the signal on his phone is terrible. Participants will find clues at Station 2 on how they can help Gerry disrupt his tiresome routine, and kick start the adventure with him.

Station 3: Retrieve the first token at Station 3, which looks like a seemingly normal MRT trail ride in a colourful and quirky world. Look out for the Chill Tortoise and an augmented reality feature during the ride.

Station 4: Gerry sends the participants an audio clip of his terrible inner voice that discourages him every time the going gets tough. Rearrange the words at Station 4 to unlock some positivity for Gerry and retrieve the second token.

Station 5: The final challenge takes place in a lopsided house, where Gerry is able to channel his learnings from the trail into unlocking the final token.

Station 6:¬†Participants can check out the ‚Äėrebooted‚Äô Gerry at the¬†final station and enjoy the scenery while they are at it.¬†At the end of the trail, participants can download an¬†exclusive Telegram Sticker Pack and review their¬†bookmarked excerpts from the Provision Shop section¬†in the landing page.


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