The Wellness Sensorium - 6 Instagrammable Experential Zones for Families

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The Wellness Sensorium is a special multi-sensory experience at The Meadow at Gardens by the Bay as part of the Singapore Wellness Festival 2022. 

Venue: The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay
Opening Hours: 4 - 12 June (9.30 am - 9.30 pm)
Admission: Free (registration is required)

There is so much happening at the Gardens by the Bay this June holidays! We have seen the reopening of the water-play at the Children's Garden and the very exciting Children's Festival at the SuperTree Grove, here's another reason to head down to the gardens this weekend! 

The Wellness Sensorium 

Part of the inaugural Singapore Wellness Festival, the Wellness Sensorium is a multi-sensory experience with 6 experiential zones offering a fun, innovative and instagrammable introduction to holistic wellness.

Families may also sign up for a wide range of free wellness programmes at the Masterclass Studio, including slow-stitch meditation, fitness workouts, nutrition talks and mental health circles.

Welcome Sign

Take a picture with the official welcome sign to mark your attendance at this inaugural festival edition!

The Source


Celebrate the energy you bring into this world as you interact with a unique installation that lights up at night

Stone Ritual

Find your way through a stone maze and participate in a mindful, creative stone stacking ritual

Light & Sound Bath

Take a breather and let the soothing waves of light and sound wash over you

On Track

Engage in fun and active play in a colourful, light-hearted outdoor obstacle course

Spin Orchestra

Trigger interactive lights and music as you ride on bicycles, in sync with others

The Monument of Good Vibes

Participate in meaningful oversharing as a community by writing and drawing on a large installation. 

Get more details on the Wellness Sensorium! 


*Photo Credits: Wellness Festival Singapore


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