Children's Festival 2022 At Gardens by The Bay - Around The World Inflatables by Kiztopia

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Children's Festival 2022 is back for the June school holidays at the Gardens by the Bay, and this year, you will be going around the world with Kiztopia friends!

*Updated (28 May 2022): added pictures and tips from our visit

Venue: Gardens by the Bay, SuperTree Grove
Date: 28 May - 19 Jun 2022, 10 am - 7 pm
Admission: Free, Fees apply for Tiger’s Sports Arena and Happy’s Craft World (Tickets available on Klook)

This holiday, head down to the Children's Festival 2022 at Gardens by the Bay, and join Bell the Bear in welcoming our Kiztopia friends who have returned from their travels around the world and discover the wonderful memories they have to share. Embark on a fun learning journey with your complimentary activity booklet and get to bring home an exclusive sticker sheet when you complete the mission!

In addition to the photogenic inflatables that you can take unlimited photos with for FREE, there is a host of fun activities to complete the kids’ and families’ experience at the Gardens by the Bay Children’s Festival, this includes two ticketed interactive zones - Happy’s Craft World and Tiger’s Sports Arena

Hot-Air Balloon Inflatable Displays

Pricing: Free

You can expect eight specially-designed giant inflatables, measuring up to 12.5metres tall, take centerstage at Gardens by the Bay! Each inflatable features the iconic landmarks of the different countries, such as Mount Fuji in Japan, the Sydney Opera House in Australia and Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. 

Similar to the Children's Festival 2021, these inflatables for photo-taking and NOT bouncy castles, but two of the inflatables allow visitors to “board” the hot air balloon to take photos. 

Joining Tiger in Singapore are Happy the Hippo flying in from Australia, Eli the Elephant making his landing from Japan, Drago the Dragon flying in from Kenya, Mark the Monkey arriving from Thailand and Raby the Rabbit entering from the Netherlands. Each of them brings their best memories of the sights and delights of the country that they have travelled from to share with Singaporeans!

Pick up a complimentary activity booklet at the entrance or selected points at the venue that kids can use to discover interesting facts about each of the countries featured. They can collect stamps and hit milestones to redeem an exclusive sticker sheet upon completion of the mission.

Tiger's Sports Arena

Pricing: $18 per pax

Try our various sports activities at Tiger’s Sports Arena! Featuring 5 game stations such as Eli's basketball, Honey's baseball, Tiger’s Soccer, Mark’s Ring Toss and Drago's golf, it’s time for the little ones to get active and pit their skills at the arena!

You will receive a game card upon entry and a stamp is given for each station completed. Get rewarded with an exclusive goodie bag with yummy treats when all 5 stations are completed.

Tickets are priced at $18 per pax and activities are suitable for kids aged 4 to 12 years old. An adult may accompany a child without a ticket but a ticket is required if the adult participates in the games. 

Tickets are booked by timeslots. Slots are available at 10am, 11am, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm and 6pm (each session is estimated to last for 50 minutes).

Happy's Craft World

Pricing: $8 per pax

Take part in craft activities at Happy’s Craft World! Let your little one's creativity flow with activities such as clay art painting, scratch painting and 3D puzzle assembling of animals and iconic landmarks synonymous to the countries, that kids can take home the finished work as keepsakes

Activities are suitable for kids 4 – 12 years old, with 3 zones to choose from. Each Participant may complete 1 craft activity and 1 game in the selected zone and each participant gets a sweet treat at the end of the session too!

Tickets are booked by timeslots and are available at 10am, 11am, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm and 6pm (each session is estimated to last for 30 minutes). One adult may accompany kids into Happy's Craft World without a ticket. However, a ticket is required if the adult/parent participates in the craft activity.

Tips From Our Visit

We visited the Children's Festival on 28 May 2022 and below are some tips to share. 

  • Come in the morning or evening: we went in the afternoon and it was crazily hot. We really advise coming in the morning (it opens at 10 am) or evening (it closes at 7 pm)
  • Bring a hat, umbrella, fan: try to keep cool in your own way. 
  • Pair it with something else to do: we visited the reopened Children's Garden after our visit, or you may want to stay behind to catch Garden Rhapsody, the light and sound show. 
  • Bring water and food: the food hall is closed and there is only a water cooler in the area to top-up your bottles. No food options here. 
  • The Monkey inflatable is at the entrance: to complete your stamp card, don't forget the Monkey inflatable at the entrance - seems to be the most "forgotten" one. 
  • Be nice and share: there was no time-limit when we were on the "boardable" inflatables but just note that there are others waiting in queue, so be nice and don't take too long.

Overall, it was quite a good experience. The addition of inflatables that you can jump in also meant something for the kids to do too (compared to the previous year). 

Venue and Timing

Children's Festival 2022 will be happening at the SuperTree Grove, Gardens by the Bay. The event will run from 10 am to 7 pm while activities will happen at specific timeslots. 

  • Hot Air Balloon Inflatables: 10 am - 7 pm
  • Tiger's Sports Arena: 10am, 11am, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm and 6pm
  • Happy's Craft World: 10am, 11am, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm and 6pm


Admission to the Children's Festival 2022 is free. Tickets are required for taking part in the activities and are available at Klook.

  • General Admission: Free
  • Tiger's Sports Arena: $18 per pax
  • Happy's Craft World: $8 per pax
  • Bundle deal of $22.00 per person for one craft activity and access to Tiger’s Sports Arena.


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