Light to Night Festival 2023: Festival Village, Massive Light Installations and More at the Civic District

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The highly anticipated Light to Night Festival is back for its seventh edition with over 60 programmes and artworks from 6 to 26 Jan 2023 at the Civic District! 

Photo Credits: @stanley_chee

Venue: Multiple venues at the Civic District
Dates: 6 - 26 Jan 2023
Admission: Free

Light to Night Festival 2023 features the theme of Here and Now, with immersive installations, interactive artworks, and a festive village for everyone to have enjoyable time. Featuring over 60 programmes and artworks by local and international artists, the visual arts festival is a multi-sensory experience made for families and art enthusiasts alike.

Here's a couple of must-see and must-do when visiting the festival!

Art Skin on Monument

Photo Credits: @stanley_chee

Timing: 7.30 pm to midnight daily

The festival is known for its massive light projections on the National Monuments at the Civic District, and this year is no different. The National Gallery Singapore’s façade will feature illuminating light projections curated by international and local artists, Davy and Kristin McGuire from the United Kingdom.

Photo Credits: @stanley_chee

Inside the National Gallery Singapore, you won't want to miss the light display on Rotunda Library and Archive dome. Watch the light transform into different flowers as they bloom. 

Photo Credits: @stanley_chee

Other buildings to be illuminated are The Arts House, Asian Civilisation Museum, Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall

There is a Window In My Eye If You Look In You Will See The Sky

Photo Credits: @stanley_chee

Located within the museum's atrium, the massive artwork hangs from the ceilings and recreates the circadian rhythm of dawn to dusk. As you walk around the work, notice the colours change, signalling the passing of time from dawn to dusk. 


Photo Credits: @stanley_chee

Time: 10 am - midnight

Light to Night Festival is also known for creating large scale installations on the Padang. Ephemeral is one of 2 installations on the Padang. this immersive light and sound environment aims to capture the concept of ephemerality in the form of large-sized bubbles.

Hearing Padang 

Image credit: Joseph Nair, Memphis West Pictures

Time: 10 am - midnight

Hearing Padang is the other installation at the Padang. It is made from 2 large curved structures that creates an acoustic experience by allowing sound to travel from one end to another. 

The work references the main function of a court‚ÄĒto resolve disputes between people through hearings‚ÄĒas well as the Padang, which was historically built for public use.¬†


Time: 10 am - midnight

As you catch the light projections on the facade of The Light House, you may also spot Dwelling, a work that is¬†inspired by how architects consider a ‚Äúdwelling‚ÄĚ as a home.

Look at the Heavens

Photo Credits: @stanley_chee

Image credit: Joseph Nair, Memphis West Pictures

Time: 10 am - midnight

At the Asian Civilisations Museum Green, families will hear wind chimes suspended on coiling rows of bamboo - get attracted in to discover a garden altar which acts as an ephemeral gateway and a sanctuary of reflection and intercession. The gentle sound of wind chimes are a reminder for burdened minds to release their troubles, while also helping them stay rooted to the present.


Photo Credits: @stanley_chee

Time: 5.30 pm - 12.30 am

A massive futuristic installation at the underground link at Funan Mall, STARDUST takes you on a journey through a speculative, otherworldly narrative that takes place in a strange reality full of subliminal messages and riddles. 

Festive Village 

Dates and Time: 6pm till 12am on 6, 7, 13 and 14 Jan

Art X Social is a festival village located along the Civic District with over 50 food and beverage stalls. Families can shop at various art and craft brands while enjoying live performances and outdoor workshops across St Andrew Road and Empress Lawn.

Other Activities

The festival features programmes, tours, workshops and more. Below are some of the other activities happening as part of the festival! 

Glow in the Dark Bracelets

Dates and Time: 6 - 9 pm on 7 and 14 Jan

At the Asian Civilisations Museum Lobby, families can create a reminder bracelet with glow-in-the-dark beads. Include a word of affirmation to keep yourself focused on what matters to you.

Artwork Scavenger Hunt

Dates and Time:¬†Mon‚ÄďThu, 10am‚Äď7pm | Fri‚ÄďSun, 10am‚Äď11pm

Put on your thinking caps and find the mystery artworks for a chance to win exclusive festival merchandise! Starting point is at the National Gallery Singapore, Level 1, Padang Atrium

Read with a Storyteller

Dates and Time: 2 pm on 8 and 14 Jan

Over at the National Gallery Singapore, City Hall Wing, Level 5, Rooftop Studios, discover simple storytelling methods and techniques that make you more confident and engaging when reading to your child! Together with your child, join other families in this introductory session that encourages expressive reading. Complete the book reading session with a colouring activity to create your child’s favourite animal character.

Registration is required for this programme. 

Victoria Concert Hall - Backstage Tours

Dates and Time: 8 Jan 2023, 7pm, 8pm | 14 Jan 2023, 9:30pm | 15 Jan 2023, 9pm

Take a behind-the-scenes tour backstage at the Victoria Concert Hall, one of Singapore’s most beautiful heritage buildings, full of musical memory and history. Listen to tales about the home of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra as told by different members of its family.

This tour requires a $5 refundable deposit. Register your interest here. 


Each artwork, performance and venue may have differing opening hours. For more information about Light to Night Festival 2023, visit here.



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