The Science Centre Singapore Introduces New Young Scientist Badges!

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Science Centre Singaporeā€™s longest-running initiative, theĀ Young Scientist Badge Programme introduces 3 new badges with a special 3-days trail.

Venue: Science Centre Singapore
Dates: 18 - 20 Oct
Admission: $5 for booklet to take part in trail, admission to Science Centre Singapore applies

Inaugurated in 1982 with just four badges, the Young Scientist Badge (YSB) Programme has grown by leaps and bounds with over one million badgesĀ awarded island-wide over its 40 years.Ā 

The Young Scientist Badge

Many parents may remember taking part in the YSB programme in their primary school years. This programme wasĀ open exclusively to primary school students, participants were awarded between one to threeĀ ā€œstarsā€ for completing a task and could earn themselves a badge upon collecting 15 to 20 ā€œstarsā€.

Fan-favourites are the YoungĀ Entomologist, Young Botanist and Young Zoologist, and newer, trend-mirroring ones like theĀ Young Sustainability Champion badge were added through the years as the programme evolves in response to developments in society and the scientificĀ field.

3 New Badges Announced

As part of the 40 years celebrations, the Science Centre SingaporeĀ announced the launch of three new badges,Ā the multidisciplinary, ā€œI am a young Marie Curieā€ and ā€œI am a young Margaret Fountaineā€ badges,Ā as well as the Young Fabricator Badge to be launched in 2023.Ā 

This brings the total number of badges to 25 this year.Ā 

TheĀ Marie Curie andĀ Margaret Fountaine Trail

Inspired by pioneers of science - Marie Curie and MargaretĀ Fountaine, the young Marie Curie and Margaret FountaineĀ badges are curated to encourage a spirit of innovation andĀ societal norms-defying resilience, as exhibited by the NobelĀ winning physicist and the prolific lepidopterist during their time.

Exclusively from 18 ā€“ 20 Oct, families can embark on a one-of-a-kind Marie Curie andĀ Margaret Fountaine Trail at Science Centre Singapore priced at $5 each, and complete missionsĀ guided by a physical trail booklet.Ā 

  • Marie Curie Trail - Learning about radioactive compounds and their uses in todayā€™s world, performing a repulsion test to investigate magnetic properties, and making a solar lamp to demonstrate the use of environmentally friendly energy sources.
  • Margaret Fountaine Trail - Identifying flowering and non-flowering plants that can be found in Singapore, testing high sugar and liquid foods that butterflies enjoy feeding on, and learning how climate change affects the population of monarch butterflies

Those who complete the trail will be entitled to a physical ā€œI am a young Marie Curieā€ and/or ā€œIĀ am a young Margaret Fountaineā€ badge and trail booklet, which are part of a limited-editionĀ collection and only available on the three days.

After which the two new badges will join the ranks of the other badges and can be earnedĀ online.


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