Spring Surprise 2020 | Sparktacular Dragon Dance, Puppetry, Tangram & Live Performances

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Location: Gardens by the Bay
27 Jan – 9 Feb 2020
Various timing
Free (admission charges to Flower Dome applies)

What is happening?

Spring Surprise 2020

Spring Surprise 2020
Golden Pyro Dragon Dance - Supertree Grove: 31 Jan – 2 Feb 2020 | 9.10 pm  

Spring Surprise at Gardens by the Bay sets off sparks with the Golden Pyro Dragon Dance, an electrifying showcase of dragon dance under a shower of firework-like sparkles! But that’s not all that awaits you.

Spring Surprise 2020
Wushu Display – Supertree Grove: 1 Feb – 2 Feb 2020 | 9 pm

Don't miss this exciting showcase of traditional martial arts, which displays strength, agility and grace in its movements.

Spring Surprise 2020
Em Ensemble – Flower Dome: 27 Jan – 31 Jan & 3 Feb – 7 Feb 2020 | 1.00 pm – 1.30 pm

You can stock up on goodies at the Festive Bazaar and immerse yourself in a variety of performances, featuring traditional Chinese instruments among others. Catch the tale of The Zodiac Race through a Shadow Puppet Performance and watch the Story of Nian come to life with the use of puppetry, music and drama!

Spring Surprise 2020
Shadow Puppet Performance – The Zodiac Race – Flower Dome: 1 Feb – 2 Feb & 8 Feb – 9 Feb 2020 | 3 pm & 5 pm

How did the rat come to be the first among the 12 Chinese zodiac animals? Watch the story unfold through traditional shadow puppetry in Flower Dome.

Spring Surprise 2020
The Story of Nian – Supertree Grove: 1 Feb – 2 Feb 2020: 5.00 pm, 6.14 pm & 9.30 pm | 7 Feb – 9 Feb 2020: 7 pm, 8 pm & 9 pm  

The Story of Nian comes to life with the use of puppetry, music and drama. A village finds itself under threat from a terrifying monster, the Nian, who descends upon them from the mountain every year. Little do they know that it is actually the discord and squabbling amongst them that draws the monster to the village every year. A wise old man holds the key to repelling the Nian, and reminds them of the importance of the village's history and traditions. But will the villagers be able to learn from his wisdom and experience, and to put aside their differences to unite and fight the beast together?

Spring Surprise 2020

God of Fortune Meet & Greet – Flower Dome: 27 Jan, 1 Feb – 2 Feb & 8 Feb – 9 Feb 2020 | 12 pm & 4 pm

Also, keep an eye out for the God of Fortune for a blessed year ahead!

Zodiac Tangram – The Canopy: 27 Jan – 9 Feb 2020 | 12 pm - 6 pm

Be as witty and resourceful as the intelligent rat and challenge yourself at this fun-filled zodiac-themed tangram! Sharpen your problem-solving skills as you put together the puzzle pieces to form the shape of different animals. Also, look out for special workshops over the weekend where you can create your own mini tangram set to bring the fun wherever you go!

When & Where is it happening?

27 Jan to 9 Feb 2020, at various timings

Gardens by the Bay, 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953

How much is it?

Free (admission charges to Flower Dome applies)

  • Singapore Residents – Flower Dome & Cloud Forest
    • Adult: $20
    • Child: $12
    • Senior Citizen: $15
  • Singapore Residents – Flower Dome OR Cloud Forest
    • Adult: $12
    • Child: $8
    • Senior Citizen: $8
  • Standard Rate – Flower Dome & Cloud Forest
    • Adult/Senior Citizen: $28
    • Child: $15

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