River Hongbao 2020 – Huge Lanterns, Fireworks, Performances, Carnival & More!

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Location: The Float @ Marina Bay
23 Jan – 1 Feb 2020
2 pm – 11 pm
Free (activity charges apply)

What is happening?

River Hongbao 2020, an annual festival held in celebration of the Lunar New Year is coming to an end this weekend, which means it’s your last chance to enjoy all it has to offer!

River Hongbao 2020

Every year, River Hongbao’s display of giant intricate handmade lanterns has never failed to impress and it’s the same this year. When you walk through the Main Entrance Arch, a distinctive arch-shaped like an adoring rat, featuring Singapore coins, you’ll be greeted by a dazzling walkway inspired by tropical trees.

River Hongbao 2020

In addition to the iconic towering God of Fortune Lantern, you can also look forward to Spring Blossoms Lantern Piece showcasing clusters of orchid flowers in bloom and Happy Chinese New Year! A Time for Family Celebration, a mural style lantern depicting the New Year practices and traditions.

River Hongbao 2020

Also keep an eye out for installations like the Jin Yu Man Tang Lantern Set Piece, where you can catch swimming goldfishes! This is made possible by a built-in revolving mechanism inside the central pillar in the fishbowl. What’s more, a hidden machine will also be spewing bubbles at regular intervals!

River Hongbao 2020

Livening up the evening are a line-up of performances brought to you by local artistes like Zoe Tay, Desmond Tan and Ya Hui, and overseas performances troupes such as the Shandong Song and Dance Theatre and the Department of Dance, University of Taipei.

River Hongbao 2020

Additionally, you can learn about the history and significance of giving red packets during the Lunar New Year at the exhibit, Prosperity in Packets: Hongbao in Chinese Culture, and keep yourselves entertained with over 20 carnival games and rides!

River Hongbao 2020

Be sure to stay on to catch the Fireworks Spectacular! With a Local Twist! Choreographed by a local fireworks artist, the series of fireworks will light up the night sky against the Marina Bay skyline, providing a visual feast!

River Hongbao 2020When & Where is it happening?

23 Jan to 1 Feb 2020, from 2 pm to 11 pm

  • Gold Confetti Shower Schedule
    • 23 Jan 2020: 8.00 pm | 9.30 pm
    • 24 Jan 2020: 8 pm | 9 pm | 10 pm
    • 25 Jan – 28 Jan 2020: 7 pm | 8 pm | 10 pm
    • 29 Jan – 30 Jan 202: 7 pm | 8 pm | 9 pm
    • 31 Jan – 1 Feb 2020: 6.30 pm | 10.00 pm

  • Performance
    • 23 Jan 2020 – River Hongbao Opening Ceremony
    • 24 Jan 2020 – Chinese New Year Eve
    • 25 Jan 2020 – Dance Galore Night
    • 26 Jan 2020 – Fun in Diversity Night
    • 27 Jan 2020 – Ge Tai Night
    • 28 Jan 2020 – Harmony Night
    • 29 Jan – 30 Jan 2020 – Singapore Talent Night
    • 31 Jan – 1 Feb 2020 – River Hongbao Chingay Night

  • Fireworks Schedule
    • 23 Jan 2020: 9 pm
    • 24 Jan 2020: 12 am
    • 25 Jan – 28 Jan 2020: 9 pm
    • 29 Jan – 30 Jan 202: 10 pm
    • 31 Jan – 1 Feb 2020: 9.30 pm

The Float @ Marina Bay, 20 Raffles Ave, Singapore 039805

How much is it?

Admission to the event is free, activity charges apply

Photo credits River Hongbao

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