National Day Parade 2021: Aerial Display, Performance And Fireworks At The Float On 21 Aug 2021!

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The National Day Parade was postponed with a Ceremonial Parade held on 9 Aug 2021 and the NDP2021 Show to be held on 21 Aug 2021! 

Venue: The Float @ Marina Bay
Date: 21 Aug 2021, 6 pm - 8.30 pm
Admission: Free

The National Day Parade 2021 was postponed from 9 August till 21 August 2021 with the ceremonial parade taking place on 9 Aug instead. The main parade and show segment will be happening soon and we share what you can expect from catching the parade at home! 

What Time Is The Parade? 

The parade is expected to start at 6.10 pm and to end by 8.21 pm, and will be happening at The Float @ Marina Bay. Families may catch the parade in the comfort of their homes on free-to-air channels as well as NDPeeps Facebook page and YouTube channel. 

What Is Happening At NDP2021?

Expect the full parade to be on! We have seen the marching contingents on 9 Aug, and they will be marching again as part of the parade on 21 Aug 2021. Let's break down that else you can expect at the NDP2021 Show - with pictures that we took from the preview too!

*We like to shoutout to all participants of NDP2021 for the hardwork done to put up such a great show! We had the privilege to see the previews and go backstage to witness your sacrifices for the show!

Red Lions


Yes! The Red Lions will be performing at the NDP2021 this year but whether you will get to see them on your screens is still unknown. Fingers-cross that the nation will get to see the breathtaking jumps!

Aerial Display 

For viewers at home, you will probably miss the pre-parade segment and go straight to the main segment. This means you will start the show with a breathtaking performance by the Republic of Singapore Airforce! Expect an aerial display that includes Apache helicopters and F15 fighter jets performing aerial stunts as well as the state flag flypast with the Chinooks.  

Presidential Gun Salute

If the kids are looking forward to see the "big guns", you can expect the 25-pounder artillery gun to be fired from the waters of Marina Bay as the President inspects the parade. 

Show Segment

After the "serious" stuff is over, the parade goes into the show segment. This year's performance involves only a fraction of the usual number of performers but through the use of digital display and animation, the show tells a touching story of how Singapore has done it before, and how we will do it again! 

"Through six animated characters from the past and present, we hear them speak about what they wish to achieve - for themselves, for their families and for society. Despite the different circumstances and challenges, they are all connected by a common drive to overcome adversity to pursue their dreams."

We will not give too much details, but we highly recommend tissue paper for the tears welling in your eyes as the show progresses! 

Pledge Moment / National Anthem 

At about 8 pm, the performance ends with a medley of national day songs, and ending with you joining the performers in reciting the pledge and singing the National Anthem. 


The parade closes with fireworks! The all-time crowd-favourites! Starting from 8.13 pm, the sky at Marina Bay will light up with an amazing display of fireworks and pyrotechnics. And you can catch this together with your family from the comfort of your home!

Where Can I Watch The Parade? 

The parade will be shown Live on free-to-air channels as well as on NDPeeps Facebook page and YouTube channels. So do catch the parade in the comfort of your home! We don't advise heading down to the area surrounding The Float @ Marina Bay. 


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