Kickstart the Niu Year with ox-picious ‚Äútalking‚ÄĚ red packet and festive offerings at Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre!

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Take part in the CNY festivities, including Asia's first drive-through exhibition Moo Moo Park, at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre and bring home a "talking" red packet this Chinese New Year! 

Date: 12 Jan - 28 Feb
Time: Various
Fee: Depending on activity

The Singapore¬†Chinese Cultural Centre‚Äôs highly anticipated red packets return this year in the form of a¬†‚Äútalking‚ÄĚ red packet powered by Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Members of the public¬†can also bask in the Centre‚Äôs festivities with Asia‚Äôs First Drive-Through Exhibition Moo Moo¬†PARK, and a series of online programmes to spotlight the customs and traditions of Chinese¬†New Year.

"Talking Red Packets" 

By scanning on the QR code on the red packet, you can see the whimsical artwork come to life! You may click on the AR powered Ox amination to hear it say the Chinse New Year greetings in Mandarin, Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, Hakka and Hainanese! 

How To Collect The Red Packets

Simply participate in any of the events below held in the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre between 12 Jan to 28 Feb to collect the red packets!

You may also win these red packets by following SCCC's Facebook, Instagram and Wechat, and take part in the "Talking" Red Packet giveaway contest! 

Other Events Happening

A series of online and offline events will be happening across the SCCC's platforms and will be interesting for the little ones to learn more about the customs and traditions of Chinese New Year! 

Moo Moo Park

22 Jan - 28 Mar 2021
12 pm - 10 pm
From $5

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre presents Moo Moo PARK, Asia’s First Drive-
Through Exhibition, features original artworks by eight local artists, including André Wee, ANTZ, Howie Kim and Puffingmuffin, transformed from digital drawings to 3D installation art, selfie filters and augmented reality murals powered by Spark AR from Facebook.

śĖįŚĻīŚŅęšĻź: HUAT do I say?

Available from 30 January 2021
Website | Facebook | Instagram 

‚ÄúWishing you good health‚ÄĚ, or ‚ÄúMay you excel in your studies‚ÄĚ - which greeting do we¬†say to our elders? Challenge your knowledge of popular Chinese New Year greetings¬†with a speed run to greet your relatives. Look out for a bonus scene featuring our¬†favourite Chinese New Year goodies.

Kaki Says: Chinese New Year

Available from 29 January 2021
Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Why do the Chinese buy new outfits in red and go on a ‚Äėspring cleaning‚Äô spree every¬†Chinese New Year? What is the significance behind common practices such as¬†exchanging Mandarin oranges and red packets? Follow Kaki to uncover more about¬†our Chinese New Year festivities in this fun animation!

Keeping Traditions Alive: Sweet Reunions 

Available from 2 February 2021
Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

This year, Eunice, from local artisan baker Baker's Brew, makes Ondeh Ondeh cookies with her mother to illustrate how Chinese New Year goodies are a product of cultural influences.

SINGAPO šļļ: Discovering Chinese Singaporean Culture

Open from 2pm ‚Äď 8pm on Monday, and from 10am - 8pm, Tuesday to Sunday
Extended opening hours until 9pm from 22 January to 28 March 2021
Free Admission

From staying up on the eve, celebrating Everyone‚Äôs Birthday on the 7th day, to praying¬†to the Heavenly God on the 9th day ‚Äď Chinese New Year is a 15-day celebration, with¬†a special significance for each day!¬†

Learn about the customs and traditions behind¬†Chinese New Year, at the Centre‚Äôs SINGAPO šļļ exhibition which highlights Chinese¬†Singaporean culture from food to music, as well as languages and festivals. Learn how¬†Chinese culture in Singapore has evolved in a way quite unlike other communities¬†around the world and come discover (and rediscover) what it means to be a ‚ÄėChinese¬†Singapo šļļ‚Äô today.


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