Hawker Day Out | Hawker Feast With Otah & Friends @Chinatown Complex

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Join Otah the Otter and his Grandma Fetah for a feasting good time at the Hawker Feast happening at Chinatown Complex!

Venue: Chinatown Complex
Date: 10, 11, 12, 18 & 19 Jun 2022
Time: 11am & 1pm
Fee: $16 per pax (for 5 pax), $15 per pax (for 10 pax), tickets are available on KKday

Indulge in some of your favourite yummy hawker food at Chintown Complex together with Otah the Otter and his Grandma Fetah at Hawker Feast! You will get to experience the UNESCO intangible Hawker Culture first-hand in this YUMMY adventure!

What You Can Expect


Get to enjoy 10 dishes + 1 drink per person in a feast table prepared by 10 cooks (hawkers). Families will also get to interact with the hawkers, hear their stories about the food, the 1960’s street hawker experience and their passion about being a hawker.

Food is always a great bonding tool, and here's sharing our experience to give you a glimpse of what you can expect at Hawker Feast:

Menu Of 10 Dishes + 1 Drink Per Person

Appetizers - Pig Ear Biscuits + Bak Kwa 

by Chai Wee Crispy Cuttlefish (#02-059) + Xishi Bak Kwa (#02-002)

We jumped right into the delicious food without much ado! The bak kwa was an obvious big hit with both the kids and adults. We also appreciated the fact that the pig ear biscuits were preservative-free, but still tasty and crispy!

Fish Ball Noodle

by Ming Fa Fish Ball Noodle (#02-049)

Chicken Rice

by Heng Ji Chicken Rice (#02-131)

Prawn Noodle

by Jing Mei Big Prawn Noodle (#02-121)

Hakka Thunder Rice Tea

by Hakka Fun (#02-123)

Triple Roast Platter

by Old Master Roasted Grill (#02-119)

Fried Carrot Cake

by Super Mummy (#02-103)

This healthy version of carrot cake was our favouritest dish of the day! Unpretentious, yet simply divine!

Chee Cheong Fun

by Chang Le (#02-050)

Another one of our favourite dishes. We finished the entire serving in less than a minute!

Dessert - Chiffon Cake

by Panda Stop (#02-063)

Panda Stop's chiffon cakes are freshly baked every morning. Fragrant and flavorful, it's no wonder our 5-year-old couldn't wait to take a bite of the cake!


by Tou Shou Di (#02-114)

Each adult participant will get a drink choice of either coffee or tea by Tou Shou Di. Being the kopi lovers we are, we just had to try the Kopi-O Siew Dai - and wow, the drink surpassed our expectations! We would definitely be coming back for more of Tou Shou Di's kopi :)

The stall owner of Tou Shou Di was also kind enough to offer kid-friendly drinks for our older boys. He specially recommended this warm homemade barley drink from his stall, and we must say that it certainly didn't disappoint as well!

June School Holiday Special

Photo Credit: KKday

This June holiday, each participating kid will be entitled to a Otah & Friends Hawker Feast limited edition tupperware. Simply head over to KKday's booth counter at Chinatown Complex (Level 1, near POSB ATM/UNESCO mural) on your selected tour date, from 8am to 3pm.

This is a guided event conducted in english and mandarin, and we highly recommend this for families, friends gathering and team bonding!


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