End-Of-Year Adventures In The Moonlight Await At Night Safari And Singapore Zoo's Rainforest Lumina!

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Night Safari and Rainforest Lumina at Singapore Zoo has lined up an array of exciting new programmes and mainstay events for the year-end holidays!

As we approach the year-end holidays, families can expect lots of family-friendly events, happenings and promotions. Here's one from Mandai Wildlife Reserve that you will not want to miss - don't miss out on the 40% Off 2-To-Go promotion too! 

*Did you know that the Wildlife Reserves Singapore has been renamed Mandai Wildlife Reserve - more about the rebranding here. 

Wild About Twilight @ Night Safari: A Pangolin’s Tale

Meet Berani, Our Sunda Pangolin

Venue: Leopard Trail
Date: 28 Oct to 31 Dec 2021
Time: 7.15pm to 12am

Berani, which translates to brave in Malay, is a resident rescued Sunda pangolin rehabilitated by Mandai Wildlife Group. In 2018, Berani underwent a first-of-its-kind orthopaedic surgery to treat a fractured hind femur sustained in a road-related incident. He has made an astounding recovery since and can now be found nimbly navigating trees and vines in his new exhibit along Leopard Trail.

Animal Quest On The Trails

Venue: Walking Trails
Date: 28 Oct to 31 Dec 2021
Time: 7.15pm to 12am

Hidden under the cover of night are hidden Augmented Reality (AR) animals waiting to be discovered.

Download the Animal Quest app and let it guide your adventure as you learn how you can play a part in animal conservation and fight against extinction as you come into contact with some of the most unique wildlife right in their natural habitats.

Journey with Pangolin Experience

Venue: East Lodge
Date: 28 Oct to 31 Dec 2021
Time: 7.15pm to 12am
Fee: Additional charges apply at $15

  • VR Movie

Put on your VR goggles and trace the footsteps of Kirra the explorer, as she goes on a quest across continents in search of the Sunda pangolin. Along the journey, be prepared to make close contact with wildlife that will appear around you; so keep your eyes peeled!

  • Wild Explorer Panels

Get to know the animals you met on your VR journey in greater detail. Learn how you can become a protector of biodiversity!

  • Wild Quiz

Think you know the animals you have just met? Pit your wits against your family and friends as you race to complete the challenges within the Wild Quiz!

  • Animal Doodles

Let your creativity run wild, add a splash of colour to our pangolin illustration and watch it come to life before your eyes!

  • AR Photo Booth

Complete the experience with a wefie with our AR animal star, the Sunda pangolin!

Secret Photo Spots

Venue: Around the Park
Date: 28 Oct to 31 Dec 2021
Time: 7.15pm to 12am

Having a wild time? Create memories for the family or with friends at one of the many secret photo spots peppered across the park.

Meet & Greet Our Pangolin Mascot

Venue: Night Safari Entrance
Date: Every Friday and Saturday from 19 Nov to 31 Dec 2021
Time: 7.15pm and 8.45pm

Our adorable pangolin mascot will also be making guest appearances on selected nights to say hi!


  • Local Residents‚Äô Exclusive
    • Promotion Period: 25 Oct ‚Äď 17 Nov 2021

Enjoy 40% off 2-to-go tickets at the Night Safari! Valid for local residents and same day admission only. Terms and conditions apply.

Compare Ticket Prices: Klook | KKday

  • Bring A Piece Of Your Adventure Home
    • Promotion Period: 28 Oct ‚Äď 31 Dec 2021
    • Price of Pouch: $22
    • Price of Tote Bag: $29

Enjoyed your adventure with Berani? Head over to the Night Safari Gift Shop and pick from an exclusive range of pangolin-themed lifestyle products (by The Animal Project), which are sure to turn heads! 

For more information, you may visit the Wild About Twilight @Night Safari website.

Festive Celebrations @ Rainforest Lumina

To add on to the immersive night experience, cross over to Rainforest Lumina at the Singapore Zoo! Into its third and final season at Singapore Zoo, the evenings will be further illuminated with Christmas magic in a very special edition, so do not miss out on this chance to explore this magical universe!

Venue: Various locations around Rainforest Lumina
Date: 18 Nov to 2 Jan 2022 (closed on Mon)
Time: 7.15pm to 12am

Creature Crew Adventure Quest

Spice up your Rainforest Lumina experience and spot the Creature Crew hiding along the trail! Simply scan the QR codes to reveal fun activities such as fun facts, trivia questions, spot-the-difference and Christmas-themed photo filters.

Festive Light Up & Photopoints

Venue: Various locations around Rainforest Lumina
Date: 18 Nov to 2 Jan 2022 (closed on Mon)
Time: 7.15pm to 12am

Glow up your socials at our festive light up and strike a pose with the Creature Crew at the various photopoints located around Rainforest Lumina.

Holiday Craft Activities

Venue: Ah Meng Bistro
Date: 18 Nov to 2 Jan 2022 (closed on Mon)
Time: 7.30pm to 11.30pm
Fee: Charges apply

Create your own decorative ornaments to deck up your home for the holiday season! A fun activity for the whole family, you can choose from a selection of activities including pinecone Christmas trees, wood chip ornaments, festive wreaths and more.


Photo Credits: Mandai Wildlife Group

Venue: Outside Forest Lodge
Dates*: 10 to 12 Dec, 17 to 19 Dec & 24 to 26 Dec 2021
Time: 7.45pm to 11.15pm

For the first time ever, experience snowfall at the heart of Singapore Zoo. Available on selected days only, don’t miss out on this magical sight!

*Weather permitting and limited number of people will be allowed at any one time as part of safe management measures.

For more information, you may visit the Rainforest Lumina website.


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