Messy And Nature Playground @ Sprout Hub

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A new addition to Sprout Hub, the messy and nature play area is for kids to have fun while interacting with nature. 

Venue: Sprout Hub, 102 Henderson Rd, Singapore 159562
Opening Hours: 10 am - 9 pm (Daily)
Admission: Free

Opened in Oct 2021, the messy and nature play area at Sprout Hub is a new addition for kids to play at while visiting one of the largest urban farms in Singapore. While the play area is small, it is a great complement to the many family-friendly programmes organised at Sprout Hub.

Let's take a look at what you can expect at this little playground. 

Obstacle Course 

This little obstacle course is  made up of metal pipes linking stumps together. Children can try to cross the metal pipes by balancing on them or jump over them too. 

They can also try to conquer the tire maze which is made up of tires buried in the sand. How it is played can be interpreted differently - you can either cross the maze through the tires or try to balance your way across the tires. Simply let the children decide how they decide to play! 


While the entire play area is covered in sand, the sandpit is filled with finer sand. Children are free to play with both type of sands. 

Mud Kitchen 

Complementing the sand is a mud kitchen. Cooking toys are provided in the kitchen and children can use any of the "ingredients" that they find at the play area. We have seen kids mix sand with water, leaves and sticks - mixing them in little cooking pots and pans! 

We really love this and think it is a great way for make-believe play to become more real. 

Scribble Board 

Next to the mud kitchen is a blackboard for kids to scribble one. Chalks are provided and kids are free to use the chalk to scribble on the blackboard, wooden boards or even on the floor. There is no limitation on how they wish to express themselves. 


There are tree stumps around for mummies and daddies to rest on (it was mention that proper chairs may be added later on) and the play area is draped in camo-nettings, but you may also wish to head up the treehouse where it is properly shaded. The treehouse can be used as a resting spot or even for a picnic! 

What We Think? 

It is a small play area and families may not wish to visit just for it. However, the play area complements a visit to Sprout Hub for their family-friendly programmes and activities, and even if you are heading to the Canteen for a meal. 

You may also wish to make a visit if you like to visit the allotment farms. If you are lucky, you may meet a farmer who will bring you into his farm too! 

What To Bring?

You may wish to bring extra clothes, water or bucket for water to wash up or for the messy kitchen (the toilets are away from the play area), and spades/pails for the sand play. Don't forget mosquito repellent and sunblock too! 

We will also suggest bringing a mat to sit on or if you decide to have a picnic. 

How To Get To Sprout Hub Messy Play 

The play area is located amongst the allotment garden. From the entrance of Sprout Hub, turn right and you should be able to spot the Treehouse and the play area is right by it. 

Click in for details on getting to Sprout Hub.



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Jiarong Yu
Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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