KTM Train Playground: Where Young Minds Ride the Rails

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Located at Clementi NorthArc neighbourhood which sits on the former KTM train tracks, let your little ones’ blow the whistle and steer the two-cabin train play structure!  

Venue: Clementi NorthArc Estate (Block 209B Clementi Avenue 6)
Admission: Free

Located within the brand new Clementi NorthArc HDB Estate, the KTM Train Playground is a play space designed for young children located near Block 209B Clementi Avenue 6. This small but interesting place is great to bring your kids over for a pit stop, especially before or after exploring the Rail Corridor nearby. 

KTM Train Play Structure

The highlight of the play area is none other than the KTM look-alike train, which even has “tracks” to thunder down and also a switch that adds-on to the nostalgic ambience. 

The details on this brown train are definitely spot-on: there is a little nameplate that reads “Singapore Line”, a vehicle number plate, wheels with bogies and more that resemble the actual vehicle. Definitely a great place to soak up knowledge about locomotives.

You will discover 2 cabins with different entrance points set across the them, which allows easy movement for the kids to explore the train.

Power the Train at the Engineer Cabin

Consisting of two cabins, the front carriage is designed to look just like the engineer’s room, with control panels in place to “power” the train. Perfect for your little ones to ignite their creativity, and have a go at roleplaying a Train Engineer.

The square windows on the train head adds on to the experience, allowing kids to immerse themselves in this imaginative play as they steer on the role of the train's engineer. 

Pretend Play at the Passenger Cabin

Moving on to the second carriage, the coloured benches installed look just like any passenger cabins in actual trains. 

With small round windows mounted on both sides of the cabin, simply let your kids’ imagination run wild and ride those rails.  

A play area is never complete without a hint of excitement. At the end of the passenger cabin lies a slide, where children can zoom down after a fun adventure exploring the two-cabin train. 

Other Play Structures

Just beside the KTM train play area, there are a couple of spring playground rockers that appeal to all children. 

What to Bring

Remember to bring water, insect repellent, and apply sunscreen in the midst of the recent humid weather. 


The KTM Train Playground is located at B1 of Block 209B Clementi Avenue 6, right beside the Skool4Kidz Preschool. It is also linked to the Ulu Pandan Park Connector, which makes a good stop before/after your adventure to/from the Rail Corridor. 


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