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Kinetic Garden: The Science Centre Singapore Playground with Experiential Exhibits!

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The Kinetic Garden is a unique outdoor playground for families to discover the inter-relationship among forms of energy and more through interactive exhibits!

Venue: Science Centre Singapore Entrance
Opening Hours: 10 am - 6 pm
Admission: Free

Located at the entrance of the Science Centre Singapore is a unique exhibition, The Kinetic Garden, while we may simply see it a "ordinary" outdoor playground the interactive exhibits actually demonstrate different scientific principals and concepts. Allowing children (and parents) to discover more about science as they play! 

What Can We Expect At The Kinetic Garden? 

Echo Tube

Demonstrating the concept of echoes, let the kids speak into the Echo Tube and listen to the echoes! An echo is the reflected sound returning to its point of origin. Expect the kids to scream, sing silly songs, or simply blabber along, which will create multiple echoes and tons of laughter! 

Magic Swing

On the magic swing, it is not just your usual swing, but sharing the idea of momentum (is this Newton's First or Second law?), the swing continues moving even if you stop exerting energy. Try it to find out how! 

Lift The Metal Block


Using levers, even your kid can lift the metal block that weighs 200kg! Sometimes, strength is not just arm muscles but brain muscles too! 

Pulley Ascent 

Seated on the Pulley Ascent, kids will be able to pull themselves up through the combination of strength and pulleys. 

Giant Chair

Image Credit: Science Centre Singapore

Take your places in the optical illusion exhibit, Giant Chair, and demonstrate to your child the use of perception and how our visual system relies on shortcuts and sometimes glosses over details in favour of the big picture!

Musical Instruments

Here you will also find musical instruments demonstrating the concept of tones and pitch. We especially like the Hydaulophone where you create different sounds by covering flowing water through the instrument! 

*Do note that the water play and water exhibits are still closed due to the COVID-19 situation. 

Much To Do Before Or After The Science Centre Singapore

There are more exhibits at the Kinetic Garden and it will be a useful play venue to visit just before or after a visit to the Science Centre, especially if you have to wait for your time slot! We suggest putting aside 45mins to an hour to enjoy the playground. 

Don't forget to check out what else is happening at the Science Centre Singapore on our events page too! 



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