Gardens by the Bay Children's Garden: Treehouses and Sand Play!

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Even for older kids, the Far East Organisation Children's Garden at Gardens by the Bay is a great place to monkey around! Especially with the Treehouses and sand play!

Location: Far East Organization Children's Garden | 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953
Opening Hours: Thu - Sun (9 am - 7 pm), Closed on Mon to Wed
Admission: FREE 

    Photo Credits: Gardens by the Bay

    The Far East Organisation Children's Garden located at the Gardens by the Bay consist of 3 distinct play areas, the Water Play, Toddler Play and The Treehouses. We have written about the different areas, and suggest that you follow the sequence that we wrote them, starting with Water Play, followed by Toddler Play and finally the Treehouses. 

    The Treehouse is an area tucked away in the corner of the garden. While it is not as prominent as the water and toddler play areas, it is definitely as fun as they are! To get to The Treehouse, you will need to head to the Fish Fountain, and go behind it, and at the side of the shaded amphitheatre. 

    The Treehouse - For The Older Kids

    Photo Credits: Gardens by the Bay

    With lots of climbing involved, this area is suggested for older kids from 6 years old. If you have younger ones who are comfortable climbing, it will also be a fun play (but with extra supervision!). 

    Children's Garden - Treehouse

    The Treehouse is an outdoor playground that take inspiration from its natural surroundings. It consist of a few tall structures with rope ladders, fireman poles and stairs to climb onto them.  

    Children's Garden - Treehouse


    Children's Garden - Treehouse

    From the top, you can go ahead and experience the 2 slides on The Treehouse. These metal slides may not offer the same height (and excitement) as those at Admiralty Park or Coastal Playgrove, but a slide is a slide - and every kid loves to slide! 

    To reach the lower slide, you can simply climb up the stairs and cross the rocking bridge. For the taller one, you will need to climb up a series of net ladders and it can be more challenging (especially for the younger ones). 

    Children's Garden - Treehouse

    Around the playground, there are rope cage-like structures that you can climb into, and perhaps pretend to be a trapped bird. While I saw no point in the design, but the kids seem to enjoy going in and out of these little structures. 


    Sand Play 

    Children's Garden - Treehouse

    The playground is built on the sand pit. The younger ones will probably prefer to stay on the ground playing in the sand pit while the older kids challenge themselves on the treehouses. You will also find some spring kiddy rides around the sand play that the kids can ride on as well! 

    *BYKIDO Tip: Sand, water and being clean don't mix well. So it might be better to play in the sand, wash-up before heading to the water play area (and washing up again). 


    If you worry about getting dirty and sandy, don't worry as there are washing bays and toilets at the entrance of the garden. While there is limited seating in this area, there are more seating at the main play areas and the sheltered amphitheatre. 

    You may also put your belongings in the lockers available. There's a cafe located next to the Toddler Play area to grab light snacks and a drink too! 

    Opening Hours

    Photo Credits: Gardens by the Bay

    The playground is open daily on Wednesdays to Sundays at 9 am to 7 pm. Last admission is at 6 pm and the Water Play area closes at 6.30 pm. 

    The garden is closed on Mondays to Wednesdays unless it is a Public Holiday. During the school holidays (including Youth Day, Teacher's Day, Children's Day and 10 Aug), the garden will operate on Tuesdays to Sundays. 

    What To Bring To Far East Organisation Children's Garden 

    Buckets and shovels for the sand - don't miss those if you are planning to head to the sand play area! We strongly recommend insect repellent, sunscreen and a change of clothes too. 


    How To Get To Far East Organisation Children's Garden 

    There are a number of ways to get to the Children's Garde, and the easiest may be by the MRT. Drop off Bayfront MRT station and take Exit B. Cross the Dragonfly Bridge and there will be signs to the Children's Garden. Alternatively, you can 

    If you are driving, you may park at the main carpark at Gardens by the Bay, and follow the signs to the Children's Garden. For more info, visit the website on Gardens by the Bay. 



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