Be Surrounded by Giant Bugs at the New Casa Spring Playground

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Casa Spring Playground offers a unique play experiences with 3 thematic play spaces - expect giant structures of ants, a grasshopper and ladybirds in your next play time!

Venue: 467 Casa Spring @ Yishun, 761467 Singapore
Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Admission: Free

Outdoor HDB playgrounds are a great (and free!) way for kids and parents to spend some time together in the outdoor scene. These playgrounds have evolved over the years with themes and exciting features! For those in the north, you‚Äôll be happy to find out that there‚Äôs a new playground right in the center of the heartland ‚ÄĒ Casa Spring! The playground separates into 3 unique play experiences following 3 different types of insects: Ants, Grasshopper and a Ladybirds!

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Giant Ants Playground For Little Ones

Photo Credits: Playpoint Asia

The Ant Playground is a great start to kickoff the playtime experience. It is a simply play structure with not one but 2 giant ants where kids get to mimic ants by climbing the leaves and crawling inside the ant tube!

Photo Credits: Playpoint Asia

The playground is also built on a mold, giving little ones the opportunity to climb up and run down. There are also several wooden leaves structures with steps for kids to climb on too! 

Climbing into the ant structure, kids will also get to slide down the little slide too! 

Grasshopper Playground For More Climbing

At the next play space, you will be greeted by a magnificent grasshopper in yellow with black stripes - it is pretty hard to miss! Given its size and many play opportunities, we are pretty sure that this would be the main attraction for anyone coming to visit!

Climb up the grasshopper via the poles and steps, and slide down the between its "wings"! Families will also find a trampoline and seesaw for more play time too! So if you’re feeling silly and bouncy, feel free to jump on the trampoline and go higher with the seesaw!

Ladybird Playground For Running Around

And there's more! Explore the Ladybird play area with the insect's bright red with polka dots design, and a little yellow house for kids to climb into! 

Kids are able to climb up to the little yellow house and start their adventure in exploring the ladybird. There’s even a cute table setup in the house, which leads to a fireman pole!

Let the little ones conquer the wobbly hanging bridge to reach the first ladybird where they will be able to slide down and find wooden leaves that leads to the second ladybird. With a few slides and hiding spots, this will be a great spot for playing catch or hide and seek!


The playground is located within the HDB estate, around 467 Casa Spring @ Yishun. 

What To Bring

As always, we highly recommend bringing water bottles, insect repellant and a change of clothes or towels to dry off after play. As the playground is surrounded by little pathways, you may wish to bring along your kickscooters too! 

With 3 different themes in 1 playground, there’s quite a few adventures you can experience here! Come down and visit Casa Spring Playground!


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