The Ant and Grasshopper Playground - Thematic Play at Woodlands Glen Estate

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The Ant and Grasshopper playground is a uniquely designed playground located at Woodlands Glen Estate for little ones to have fun at. 

Venue: Between Blocks 573B and 573C at Woodlands Glen, Woodlands Dr. 16. 
Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Admission: Free

Located between Blocks 574B and 573C at the Woodlands Glen estate is the Ant and Grasshopper playground. This uniquely designed playground is divided into 2 parts, the Grasshopper structure for older kids and the Ant one for younger ones. 

It is a relatively small playground, and families seeking more adventure, can also try visiting the Vista Park playgrounds that is located about 5 - 10 mins walk away. 

Grasshopper For Older Kids

At one end of the playground is a giant Grasshopper structure where little ones can climb into its "mouth" and slide down the slide or to climb out of it's eyes to slide down the 2 firemen poles! 

After the slide, little ones will find a obstacle course made of wooden poles with a rope strung between them! Little ones can hold on to the poles and balance themselves on the rope to make their way to the treehouse at the end of the playground! 

Kids can make their way up the treehouse via the ladder or climbing wall! Once on top, they will get a good view of the surrounding and can choose to slide down the covered spiral slide or the firemen pole! 

Giant Ant For Younger Kids

Families will also find a Giant Ant structure where little ones can climb into and slide down the shorter slide. There isn't much to the structure as it is a simple slide that has been cleverly designed as an Ant for more excitement. 

Kids will also find a spring see-saw where they can bounce with their siblings or parents too! 

Shaded Seats

Parents will be pleased to know that there are shaded seats near to the Grasshopper, before the drop-off point at the blocks. 

What To Bring

It is a relatively small playground and we don't think kids will play beyond an hour. However, parents should remember to bring water bottles and insect repellent. You may also wish to bring along a towel for drying your little ones after play time too. 


The Ant and Grasshopper playground is located between Blocks 573B and 573C at Woodlands Glen, Woodlands Dr. 16. 


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