Vista Park Offers Massive Playgrounds with Alice in Wonderland Elements at Woodlands

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Located at Vista Park, Woodlands is a group of playgrounds providing different types of play experiences for children of all ages! 

Venue: Vista Park, Between Blk 581 - 584 Woodlands Drive 16
Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Admission: Free

Before there was the Alice in Wonderland playground at Dawson Vista, the OG Alice in Wonderland playground was actually at Vista Park, Woodlands. While the playground is still open to families, it has undergone several revamps and has lost much of its original Alice in Wonderland structures. However, it still features some elements from its original Alice in Wonderland design. 

Nevertheless, the playgrounds offer a great play venue with different play structures and equipment suitable for different ages. Let's take a look at what families can expect at the Vista Park playgrounds! 

Treehouse Structure

At some playgrounds, you can easily identify a main structure that is the essence of the space - the one structure that once mentioned makes everyone know where you are talking about. However at Vista Park, the playgrounds are well-spread out and each with its own uniqueness that it is hard to pinpoint such a main structure. 

We will start with the Treehouse playground that is located in the middle of the park. Designed like 2 treehouses linked by a bridge, the red and orange structure consist of multiple play elements like slides, firemen pole, climbing walls, and more. 

For the energetic and adventurous ones, this provides lots of opportunity for them to expense their energy. 

Toddlers Playground

At Vista Park, you will also find a shorter play structure with a slide with a balancing obstacle course for kids to conquer. Here, you will also find a sand pit and activity boards for kids to play in. 

When we last visited, the sand pit did not seem well-maintained or clean. Thus we will advise to give it a miss. 

Playing Cards Playground 

As you move deeper into the park, you will discover a playground surrounded by a wall that looks like playing cards (a nod to the playground's original theme). Families will discover obstacle play equipment built into the slope, including a climbing nets and ropes.

There are also multiple slides, including a wide one where families can slide down together! 

Kids can challenge themselves by going across the rope obstacle course with different obstacles to overcome or to monkey around the red and blue climbing cubes. 

Obstacle Course Playground 

At the other side of the Treehouse playground, families will find a blue obstacle playground. Starting from one end of the playground, little ones will challenge different obstacles before reaching their final destination, the slide!

They will balance themselves on beams and stumps, climb across climbing walls and poles, and make their way through rope obstacles too! 

Other Play Equipment

If these are not enough, you will be please to know that there are other play equipment scattered around the park. This includes a spinning net where children climb into the structure and parents can spin them around,

and a rope obstacle course for children to overcome as well as exercise equipment too! 

There's also a dedicated area with swings for all ages! You have your regular swings, net swings, toddler swings and even a see-saw swing too! 

Rest Areas Around the Park

Parents will be pleased to know that there are multiple seats around the park including 2 designed as toadstools shelters with caterpillar seats.

What to Bring

It is a huge space and we expect families to spend more time when visiting. Remember to bring water for both yourself and your little ones, insect repellents are always a good precaution, and definitely a dry towel and clothes for after play time. 

In case you forget to bring water, there are vending machines at the nearby HDB blk 581, where you can purchase drinks. 


The Vista Park playgrounds are located at within the vicinity of blocks 581 - 584 at Woodlands Drive 16. 


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