Tokyo 2020 Olympics: How To Watch the Games in Singapore

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You can catch the Tokyo 2020 Olympics with Mediacorp from 23 July onwards! 

The highly anticipated Tokyo 2020 Olympics starts on 23 July 2021 with an opening ceremony at the Olympic Stadium. Delayed for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both athletes and viewers have waited anxiously for the start of the games and is now ready to catch it Live in action! 

23 Team Singapore athletes have travelled to Japan to compete in the game, and if you are looking to support them with your family, here's how you can catch your favourite events from Singapore! 

All great achievements starts with a dream, and perhaps having a hero in an Olympian will spur your little one's dreams! 

Watch it All On Mediacorp

Our national broadcaster, Mediacorp, will be providing a broadrange of Live and on-demand coverage of the Olympic games over the 17 days of the games across their free-to-air channels, MeWatch website and App!

There will be 14 dedicated MeWatch channels providing Live coverage as well as a channel that focuses on Team Singapore events! These are all FREE!

Coverage starts from 23 July, 7pm for the opening ceremony and will include news updates and daily actions! So if you have a favourite sport or athlete, that's how you can catch them in action! 

How To Watch On MeWatch? 

Simply head over to the MeWatch or download the App, and create an account if you have not (it is free), and you are ready to go! 

Head over to Mediacorp to find out more as well as the schedule of the Toyko 2020 Olympic broadcast! 


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