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Nursing rooms in Singapore are common, but the state of nursing rooms vary quite drastically. We took time to check with the Mummies of BYKidO (Leona, Ruby and Marie), to get their thoughts on the Cleanest, Best Equipped and Most "Ulu" nursing room that they know of! 

Who are BYKidO's Mummies?

An older collage of the team (we need an updated one soon).

Leona, part of our editorial team and is currently on maternity. She tandem breastfeeds both her two boys (2.5 yrs and 2.5 mths) and is an active Mom who travels around quite a lot and sometimes nurse-on-the-go as well.

Ruby, who manages our Parenting Community, also has 2 boys (5 yrs and 2 yrs) whom she has breastfed. Handling events and attending media invites, Ruby has seen her share of nursing rooms!

Marie handles our merchant partners as well as her 2 girls (4 yrs and 1 yr). Self-proclaim lazy Mom who prefer short trips that avoid nursing when outside! 

Cleanest Nursing Room

Where is the cleanest nursing room that you have came across? 

Raffles City Shopping Center Baby Room
Raffles City Shopping Center Nursing Room (Photo Credit:

Marie: I mainly just use the nursing rooms at Raffles City Shopping Center and Plaza Singapura, and find them both clean. 

Ruby: I love all nursing rooms in the new malls, but its always hard to maintain the quality! But I especially like the Jewel Changi nursing rooms because they have slides and TV to entertain the daddies!

Leona: I will have to go with ION Orchard. The nursing rooms there are clean and comfortable. There is also something about the all-too-familiar scent that wafts through the air the moment you step into the mall.

Best Equipped Nursing Room

Is there a nursing room that you have found to be the most equipped and have the most amenities? 

Taoyuan International Airport -
Taoyuan International Airport (Photo Credit:

Ruby: Not really in Singapore, but I found Taiwan Airport's Hello Kitty nursing rooms the most well-equipped, they even have baby cots! 

Leona: It's hands down TANGS at Tang Plaza. Very clean nursing rooms with very comfy cushy chairs. Diaper changing areas also come with baby crib mobiles to keep your little ones entertained while changing their diapers. Sanitary bags are provided as well as a hot water dispenser and sink!

Marie: With my limited exposure, I choose Raffles City for its relatively spacious diaper changing stations complete with paper towels for poo-poo clean-ups!

There's also a comfy family corner with a couch, but only for 1 family each time. Air-condition is at the right temperature, not too cold for butt naked babies and momentarily topless nursing moms! 

Most Ulu Nursing Room

Do you know a nursing room that you don't think anyone else know of? 

Leona: I will say its the nursing room at HomeTeamNS Sembawang. Simply because one does not simply travel up north to this ulu part of Singapore.  

The nursing room is located inside the female toilet/changing room near the swimming pool. The nursing room is non-air-conditioned, except for two wall fans, and is separated by a shower curtain. Not exactly the most comfortable and most conducive place to breastfeed your baby, but good enough for a Mommy to feed her child between a swim session.

Marie: I don't think that no-one else knows about it but the nursing room at Botanic Gardens, near to the Food for Tots, is surprisingly clean AND the air-con is very much welcomed after a hot day in the play-areas! 

Ruby: The Sports Hub nursing rooms are SUPER ulu. Although Sports Hub is a very family-centric venue, the nursing rooms only have a nursing table and a chair. So sad :(


 Have a nursing room to share? Tell us in the comments below! 



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