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Share: Your Favourite Nursing Room in Singapore | Cleanest, Best Equipped & Most Ulu

Nursing rooms are fairly common in Singapore and we don't think its availability is a deterrence on whether to bring the kids out. On the other hand, the state of nursing rooms vary across the island.  Share Your Favourite Nursing Room Share with us your thoughts on the cleanest, best equipped and most ulu nursing rooms, worthy to #shoutout in Singapore! For your effort, you may stand to win $100 worth of diapers of your choice! Fill in the form below or click here.    Loading…

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The Cleanest, Best Equipped and Most "Ulu" Nursing Rooms in Singapore | Mummies Tell Us

Nursing rooms in Singapore are common, but the state of nursing rooms vary quite drastically. We took time off to check with the Mummies of BYKidO (Leona, Ruby and Marie), to get their thoughts on the Cleanest, Best Equipped and Most "Ulu" nursing room that they know of!  Who are BYKidO's Mummies? View this post on Instagram A post shared by BYKidO: Bring Your Kid Out (@bringyourkidout) on Mar 21, 2019 at 6:47pm PDT An older collage of the team (we need an updated one soon). Leona, part of our editorial team and is currently on maternity. She tandem breastfeeds both her two boys (2.5 yrs and 2.5 mths) and is an active Mom who travels around quite alot and sometimes nurse-on-the-go as...

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