Schools To Shift To Full Home-Based Learning From 19 to 28 May, Childcare and Student Care Centre Remain Open

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All primary, secondary, junior college (JC) and Millennia Institute students, will move to full home-based learning from 19 to 28 May. Childcare and Student Care Centres to remain open. 

On 16 May, MOE announced that all primary, secondary, junior college (JC) and Millennia Institute students, including those from special education schools, will move to full home-based learning until 28 May, which is the end of the current school term.

Home-based Learning 

Instead of bringing forward the June holidays, Education Minister Chan Chun Sing said the measure is meant to reduce activity outside the home as much as possible. It also allows the schools to have additional time to wrap up teaching for this term, instead of carrying it over to Term 3. 

MOE added that during the full home-based learning phase, schools will continue to provide instructions and support for students to access a range of both online and hardcopy home-based learning materials, “so that learning continues uninterrupted”.

For Parents Who Require Care Arrangements

MOE reiterated that schools will remain open for students who require additional support. In particular, parents working in essential services or are unable to secure alternative care arrangements may approach their children’s primary schools for assistance.

Pre-school and Student Care Centres will also remain open to support parents who need to work. Parents are still encouraged to keep children at home if they are able to do so. 

Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) will look to waive the minimum attendance requirement for pre-school subsidies for parents who keep their children at home too. 

Tuition and Enrichment Classes To Move Online

All centre-based tuition centres and enrichment classes should move activities online till June 13 or further notice, to reduce interaction between students from different schools, said MOE.


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