Mummy's Advice: 3 Reasons why I dread going to the Singapore Zoo!

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´╗┐Location:┬á´╗┐Singapore Zoo
´╗┐Hour:┬á´╗┐8.30 am - 6.00 pm┬á

Great promotion and definitely a motivation to visit the attractions. However, having visited the Zoo so many times, here are 3 reasons why I dread visit the Zoo! 

1. The Weekend Crowd

Even without the Free Entry promotion, the Singapore Zoo has always been packed with both locals and tourists on a weekend! With the promotion in it last few weekends, expect a crowd if you are visiting!

Singapore Zoo CrowdPhoto Credit: TripAdvisor

It makes watching the Splash Safari and Elephants at Play show rather difficult due to the limited seating! 

*Suggestion: If you are able to, it might be worth taking time to go on a weekday instead

2. KFC @ Rainforest Kidzworld

There is no denying that the Rainforest Kidzworld is an absolute blast for the kids (and for the adults too).

Parents will usually end up grabbing lunch around the playground and the only option is KFC. And KFC @ the Rainforest Kidzworld is an absolute mess when it comes to having a meal! 

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Singapore Zoo

No queuing system or any interest to speed things up - be prepared to wait at least an hour for lunch during peak periods (and 30mins off peak)! 

*Suggestion: Bring your own lunch - pack a sandwich or just buy something from outside to the playground instead.

3. High Admission Price

While the Singapore Zoo is a world class attraction (there is no denying), the admission price is also at the same world class level!

Even with the promotion for Free Entry for Kids, expect to pay over $60 for 2 Adults + 1 Child! 

Zoo Pricing

At least its cheaper compared to paying the full price for 2 Adults + 1 Child! Just remember that the promotion is valid till end October 2017 only, so go soon if you intend to!

*Suggestion: Check out discounted zoo tickets for BYKidO Pass Holders and save up to $9 per ticket (with unlimited pram)!


The Singapore Zoo is a good attraction to Bring Your Kids Out to, and it still remains one of the MUST GO places with kids. Just perhaps, its good to consider the other available attractions too! 


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Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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