New LEGO NINJAGO sets and NINJAGO Season 3 To Be Launched in 2021!

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The LEGO Group celebrates 10 years of LEGO NINJAGO with the launch of 7 new LEGO NINJAGO Sets and Season 3 of LEGO NINJAGO TV! 

It all started with a simple drawing in 2009, and now LEGO NINJAGO has expanded from LEGO sets to having its own TV series and video games too. Followers have gone on a journey with ninja Kai, Cole, Zane, Jay, Lloyd and Nya, as they impart ninja skills in real life! Through its stories, morals and play experiences, NINJAGO has looked to impart values of inclusivity, friendship, confidence and staying true to oneself to its fans, helping both the young and young at heart navigate through life's many challenges! 


13 LEGO NINJAGO sets were introduced earlier this year, and in June 2021, another 7 new LEGO NINJAGO sets will be introduced to the series, including the underwater sets! 

LEGO NINJAGO Final Flight of Destiny's Bounty


Recommended Age: 4+
Pieces: 147
Retail Price: $64.90

Suitable for the youngers ones from 4 years old, this fun-filled shop playset includes jet ski and dragon toys, an island with a prison as well as 4 mini-figurines. Imagine setting off with Kai, Zane and Jay on their ninja ship as they battle the Ghost Ninja Karenn at sea. Once you captured the evil villian, send him to prison on the back of the dragon or by your superfast jet ski! 


ÔĽŅRecommended Age:¬†9+
Retail Price:

Older kids, 8 years old and above, can join Zane, Nya and an attack-ready dragon for an underwater battle against the evil Maaray Guards. The impressive dragon toy has a posable head, jaw, legs, neck, wings and a moving tail.

LEGO NINJAGO Temple of the Endless Sea

ÔĽŅRecommended Age:¬†9+
Retail Price: 

Carry on your underwater battle with Kai and Nya as they take on Prince Kalmaar and his Guards at their secret lair. Be careful, you don't want to wake the power sea serpent Wojira! 


ÔĽŅRecommended Age:¬†9+
Retail Price: 

Create a new battle scene with Prince Kalmaar with this set as the ninjas (and your kid's imagination) goes deep beneath the sea! Fire the spring-loaded shooters and release a mech and two mini-submarines in this all-out battle! 

Other highlighted 2021 sets include,

LEGO NINJAGO X-1 Ninja Charger with limited edition golden Ninja

ÔĽŅRecommended Age:¬†8+
Retail Price: 

LEGO NINJAGO Zane's Titan Mech Battle, with limited edition golden Ninja

ÔĽŅRecommended Age:¬†9+
Retail Price: 

LEGO NINJAGO is available across LEGO Certified Stores, LEGO Official Store on Lazada, Shopee and Amazon, as well as major retailers and departmental stores in Singapore. 

New Season Of LEGO NINJAGO TV Series

2021 will also welcome Season 3 of the LEGO NINJAGO TV series, broken into 2 parts. 

Part 1 

The Abyss and the Flood comprises of four episodes, the first part of the season will see the ninjas embark on a rescue mission to an uncharted island to save Lloyd's mother and Master Wu. They will encounter a tribe that possess an Amulet which can awaken the mythical doomsday serpent, Wojira. 

Episodes will run on Cartoon Network on 12 June 2021 at 12pm and 6pm, or catch them on LEGO YouTube page from 18 June 2021

Part 2 

Comprising of 16 episodes, the second part of the season, The Island, will focus on the adventures of Nya as she undertakes a search for answers as the ninjas powers are disrupted. It is discovered that Nya's powers are linked to Wojira, and watch how she defeats Wojira in the mission to save Lloyd's mother and Master Wu. 

The second season premieres of Netflix on 1 July 2021. It will also be available on Cartoon Network (every Sat at 3.45pm) and LEGO YouTube page from 17 July 2021. The season will be made available on Netflix from 1 Sep 2021, past seasons are available on Netflix today. 


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