Netflix Singapore is Launching More Popular Singapore Films and Shows this November!

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Netflix is adding an addition of 18 titles progressively from 1 Nov to its current selection of Singapore-made films and series! 

Netflix Singapore is Launching More Popular Singapore Films and Shows this November!

Netflix is expanding its current slate of Singapore-made films and series with the addition of 18 titles launching progressively on the service from 1 Nov 2020. Casting a spotlight on the local creative industry, viewers can expect a diverse range of entertainment offerings, from popular fan-favourites to critically acclaimed arthouse films.

Here’s a look at some of the movies and shows you can binge-watch on Netflix! 

1. Our Sister Mambo 

Our Sister Mambo
Available 1 Nov 

In a loving but slightly crazy family, a young lawyer quits her job to become an apprentice chef while trying to help her three sisters get married.

2. Masters of the Sea

Masters of the Sea
Available 15 Nov 

Do you remember Singapore’s first local English drama serial, Masters of the Sea? It’s a drama of corporate intrigue and sibling rivalry in the world of a wealthy shipping family. 

3. City Sharks

City Sharks
Available 1 Nov 

To save their old orphanage and get rich, three goofy friends try to cash in on a scheme to collect debts while posing as loan sharks.

4. Best of Under One Roof Season 2 

Best of Under One Roof Season 2
Available 15 Nov

The loud and lively Tan family and their neighbours are back with more hilarious situations, heartening life lessons ‚ÄĒ and even an apartment upgrade.

5. Triple Nine Season 1 to 4 

Triple Nine
Available 15 Nov

Take a trip down memory lane together with the power duo, James Lye (Inspector Mike Chin) and Wong Li-Lin (Inspector Elaine Tay) from Triple Nine season 1 to 4 as the dedicated inspectors go about solving cases such as drunk driving, missing children, organ sales, and more. 

6. Growing up Season 4 to 6 

Growing Up
Available 15 Nov

In the 1960s, a stern father struggles to keep his family together as tumultuous changes threaten to tear them apart.

7. Blood Ties

Blood Ties
Available 1 Nov

After a betrayal leads to his murder, a policeman's spirit possesses his sister's body to exact revenge on those who caused his demise.

8. Pulau Hantu

Pulau Hantu
Available 1 Nov

When a ragtag group of soldiers disrupt a haunted gravesite, they encounter the vengeful ghosts of murder victims from over a century ago.

9. My Dog Dou Dou

My Dog Dou Dou
Coming in Nov

A dog with special abilities changes the lives of a gambling father and his estranged son as they grow closer. 

10. The Girl in the Pinafore

That Girl in Pinafore
Coming in Nov

A group of friends and music lovers follow their hearts and fight to bring business back to a struggling xinyao cafe.

11. Chennai 2 Singapore

Chennai 2 Singapore
Coming in Nov

A fledgeling filmmaker travels to Singapore to secure financing for his debut feature, but madcap misadventures constantly throw his plans off course.

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