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Money Talks is a social cause student-led campaign to spotlight the importance of childhood financial education among families in Singapore.

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A recent survey conducted by the Money Talks team found that only 37.9% of parents in Singapore believed their child had appropriate knowledge about financial matters for their age. 

Since launching on 4 January this year, Money Talks has reached out to parents through its online platforms and focused on raising awareness of the importance of regular childhood financial education.

Committed to equipping parents with informative and expert resources grounded on the three pillars of childhood financial education: Saving, Spending and Sharing, the campaign hopes to inspire parents play a more active role in supporting their child’s financial learning from young.

Photo Credit: Money Talks 

The team has launched the Money Talks Kit, a free, ready-to-use financial education resource for parents with children aged 6 to 12 years old. Verified by experts from the Institute for Financial Literacy (IFL), the kit offers a deck of Conversation Kickstarter Cards, fun activity sheets and other supplementary materials to make weekly money conversations an easy affair as children head on their journey toward financial independence.

Photo Credit: Money Talks 

Here are four money-related Conversation Kickstarters that we’ve picked out:

  • “Do you know how Mum or Dad earns money? What will happen if we don’t earn money?”

    • Help kids understand early on that hard work puts money in the bank, not magic. This is how Mum and Dad are able to support them in their favourite CCAs or simply buy the toys they want!

  • “What does “saving for a rainy day” mean to you?”

    • It is never too late to get kids into the practice of saving. But first, understanding why the concept is important will inspire them to think critically and work towards goals more intentionally.

  • “Do you know what a debit or credit card is?”

    • As kids enter the age of “invisible money”, knowing the pros and cons of cashless modes of payments gives them an edge for when the time comes to actually use them. Here's more advice by experts on navigating cashless tech here.

  • “Do you need to have a lot of money to be able to share some of it with others?”

    • Sharing is a great way to teach children to value what they have, as well as build values like empathy and generosity for those around them!

Parents can access the full deck of Conversation Kickstarter Cards when they redeem a free kit via the Money Talks website. As of 25 January 2021, overwhelming positive reception has caused all physical kits to be snapped up already. Nonetheless, the digital kit is still available and contains virtually the same educational content and kid-friendly resources. 

Looking to boost outreach to the larger community, the team at Money Talks is working closely with social enterprise FinCARE to organise an online webinar using the Money Talks Kit.

More handy tips, informative resources, and expert content will continue to be posted to the various Money Talks digital platforms over the next few weeks. Members of the public are invited to visit the campaign’s website and join Money Talks on its social media channels, Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram.


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