CardUp - Earn Credit Card Rewards on Expenses You Could Not Before!

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CardUp allows you to earn credit card rewards on your non-card expenses even if your recipients don’t accept cards - read on to learn more!

Are you looking for a way to supercharge your family's travel fund without breaking the bank? Do you often use credit cards to earn rewards but realise that there are certain large and recurring payments that do not let you do so? 

If the answers are yes, you will be keen to know more about the game-changing opportunity that CardUp brings to young families like yours! 

Effortless Miles-Earning for Memorable Family Adventures

Imagine earning credit card miles effortlessly as you make payments for school fees, helper salaries, insurance, car loans, mortgage loans, rent, and much more.

Save more than half the price to fly business class

*CardUp fee used on illustration is 1.85%. CardUp charges a small fee to enable card payments in areas where cards are not accepted. Rewards earned can easily outweigh the fees. Check CardUp pricing page for latest promotion to save on the fees.

You're already paying for these big tickets and recurring expenses (probably by bank transfer or cash), so why not earn miles in the process that can be redeemed for your next family trip?

You can use any credit card that you already have - be it Visa, Mastercard, American Express or UnionPay! The setup process is straightforward and user-friendly, making it incredibly easy to get started.

CardUp: Your Ticket to Faster Rewards

In a nutshell, CardUp allows you to earn card rewards on expenses you might otherwise miss out on! The mobile-friendly platform is incredibly user-friendly, taking less than 10 minutes to set up your account and make your first payment.

Simply register for free with CardUp, and enter your payment details. CardUp will transfer the funds via bank transfer to your recipient while charging your preferred credit card. The best part? Your recipient doesn't need to be a CardUp user! This process transforms expenses that were previously made by cash, cheque, or bank transfers (which didn’t offer any rewards) into rewarding opportunities - like your next dream holiday with your loved ones.

Defer Payments by up to 2 Months

Apart from super-charging your pace of earning credit card rewards, CardUp also allows you to take advantage of your credit card's billing cycle, enabling you to defer payment by up to two months. This gives your family the added benefit of embarking on exciting adventures without immediate financial strain.

Schedule Your Recurring Payments

As parents, we have so much on our plates and remembering to make payment on large expenses is definitely not something I enjoy doing. With CardUp, you can also easily schedule recurring payments in minutes! These can be scheduled weekly, monthly or even fortnightly - now you easily schedule a year’s worth of payments in minutes and not worry about late payment fees again! 

All while earning your rewards too!  

The Cost of Using CardUp

CardUp charges a small processing fee for each transaction but in return, you will earn credit card rewards for expenses that were previously not credit card friendly.

and don’t worry, the rewards you earn can easily outweigh the small processing fee. To weigh the cost and benefits of doing so, use CardUp's Free Rewards Calculator to easily figure out how many miles you can earn, the fees payable and your expected flight savings . 

Additional Perks For You

We were intrigued by what CardUp can do, and we believe you’ll enjoy it too. That’s why we’ve arranged something special for our readers - your first payment on CardUp is fee-free!

Simply use Promo Code: BYKIDO when setting up your first payment and you will enjoy 0% fee on up to $1,154 of your payment value. Terms and conditions apply.

For parents who are constantly on the lookout for holiday savings, now is the time to accelerate your air miles earnings on CardUp and let your large expenses fly you and your family to your next holiday destination!


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