Teach Your Kids About Financial Habits With Free Workshop and Activity Kits From Institute For Financial Literacy

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The Institute for Financial Literacy offers free workshops and age-appropriate learning and activity kits for parents to teach good financial habits to their kids.Ā 

Many parents worry about imparting the right financial values and habits to their kids, but do not know how or where to start.

Together with the Institute For Financial Literacy, we asked some mummies what were their main worries with regards to their kids' knowledge and habits around money. The common worries shared are - whether the kids will understand the value of delaying gratification and saving, the concept of planning for emergencies, and simply getting them to identify between needs and wants.Ā Ā 


Unbiased and Free FinancialĀ Education for Families

TheĀ Institute for Financial Literacy,Ā a collaboration between MoneySense and Singapore Polytechnic Enterprise Pte Ltd., is a non-profit organisation aimed at imparting good financial habits to the public.Ā 

The institute conducts regular free and unbiased financial workshops for parents, and offer a range of age-appropriate learning and activity kits for families too. Their aim is education and does not engage in promoting any financial products.Ā 

Through educating the young ones, they hope to equip children with the right skills andĀ habits that will help them model prudent financial behavior and avoid financial pitfalls around them, and when they grow up.Ā 

MoneySense For Your Child Workshop

TheĀ MoneySense For Your ChildĀ workshop is a 1.5 hr online workshop that will help your children understand their relationship with money and help you understand why inculcating good financial habits from young is important.Ā 

Through the teaching of concepts such as savings and budgeting, the workshop shares withĀ participants what healthy financial habitsĀ are and how parents may giveĀ financial literacy to their children through teaching and modeling the right behavior too.Ā 

Workshops are free, and you may wish to sign-up for the following workshops coming up in Dec 2020.Ā 

  • 12 Dec | 10 am - 11.30 am | Sign-up
  • 19 Dec | 10 am - 11.30 am | Sign-up

Downloadable Learning and Activity Kits

For parents who may not have time for the workshops, you may consider these age-appropriate learning and activity kits designed to engage with and to share the right financial values to children of different age groups.Ā 

If you like to know more, visit theĀ Institute for Financial Literacy and learn how you can provide your kids with the right financial habits!




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