7 New LEGO Monkie Kid Sets For The New LEGO Monkie Kid Season 2!

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LEGO Monkie Kid returns this March with seven exciting new sets and a continuation of the Monkie Kid animated series to inspire kids to create their own hero legend! 

Inspired by the legend of the Monkey King, LEGO's Monkie Kid returns this March to continue its adventure as 7 exciting new LEGO sets, and Season 2 of the Monkie Kid animated series! 

Monkie Kid began in 2020 when an ordinary boy finds the legendary staff of the Monkey God to become the chosen one. Along the way, "MK" meets brave and loyal friends who aid him in his quest to protect the city from the Demon Bull King and his army of Bull Clones! 

In season 2, our band of heroes continue their adventure with new adventures and challenges with the Demon Bull King, Princess Iron Fan and Redson, as well as from new adversaries such as the Spider Queen and Bone Demon! 

7 Exciting New LEGO Monkie Kid Sets

For the first time, The 80024 Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain (1,949 pieces, $269.90) is brought to life in LEGO form. Consisting of 1,949 pieces, the set tells the story of the Monkey King, from birth to king, with 4 different versions of the Monkey King mini-figures to play out the different legendary tales. 

There are 6 other LEGO Monkie Kid sets for children to build and play! Using imagination and creativity, children can re-create legendary scenes with these sets as Monkie Kid and his friends battle the villains! 

The 6 other sets include,

  • 80021 LEGO Monkie Kid Lion Guardian
    • use the Lion Guardian mech toy to battle the Spider Queen's battle rig with movable legs!
    • 774 pieces, $109.90

  • 80022 Spider Queen's Arachnoid Base
    • enter the Spider Queen's base, but avoid the attack pincers, otherwise, you may end-up in the mini-figure prison!
    • 1,170 pieces, $179.90

  • 80018 Monkie Kid's Cloud Bike
    • it is not just a bike, but a battle transport with transforming wheels to flight mode for flight!¬†
    • 203 pieces, $29.90

  • 80019 Red Son's Inferno Jet
    • watch out for Red Son's Inferno jet aircraft¬†as he uses it to attack the Flower Fruit Mountain!¬†
    • 299 pieces, $44.90

  • 80020 White Dragon's Horse Jet
    • join Mei and Mo in saving the civilians from Spider Queen's huntman!¬†
    • 565 pieces, $64.90

  • 80023 Monkie Kid's Team Dronecopter
    • gather the team for the final battle with the Spider Queen in this massive flyer!¬†
    • 1,462 pieces, $199.90

Season 2 of LEGO Monkie Kid Mini Movie

The animated series, LEGO Monkie Kid, is back for the 2nd season and it includes a mini-movie and 10 episodes! 

Following the adventure of "MK", the chosen one, who found Monkey King's magical staff. Season 2 sees MK and his friends battle the Spider Queen who captures the city and uses her magical venom to transform ordinary citizens into Spider Zombies to do her bidding! 

Our heroes, led by MK, must travel to the legendary Cloud City to recover the ingredients to cure Spider Queen's venom and to defeat the eight-legged monstrosity!

The mini-movie will debut on MediaCorp on 2 April at 11 am to 12 pm. This is followed by a dedicated re-run of Season 1 every Friday from 9 April to 7 May (4.30 pm to 5.30 pm). If you prefer to binge watch, you can catch the entire Season 1 on LEGO's YouTube channel. 

The 10 episodes from Season 2 will be broadcasted later this year. 


For more information about LEGO Monkie Kid, click here!



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