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Looking for ideas to keep your little ones occupied? Sentosa offers a series of specially curated activity sheets and learning journeys for kids!

Sentosa is looking to make learning fun with downloadable activity sheets and virtual learning journeys for children. With these home-based learning resources, you can now keep your children purposefully edu-tained while at home!

You may access these resources on the Sentosa Learn With Us page. 

Downloadable Activity Sheets

Covering topics like Arts to Science and Heritage, these home-based activity sheets have been specially curated for children below 12 years old to make learning fun and enjoyable! Each activity sheet covers a different topic, and are available for download here. 

Arts & Craft

Parents with little ones can download these colouring and craft sheets to keep the young ones occupied. There are 3 sheets focusing on simple craft activities like creating your ideal Sunset by the Beach using leaves and flowers, cutting and arranging the Mandarin names of attractions on Sentosa and more. 

Also available are colouring sheets that features the cable cars and stations, as well as the rainbow steps at Mount Faber. Let your little ones explore their imagination and creativity as they colour! 

Flora, Fauna and Heritage

Sentosa is home to various habitats, including coastal forest and mangroves, as well as numerous heritage sites. The Flora, Fauna and Heritage series of activity sheets will let children learn more about nature on the island, including resident animals such as the Oriental Magpie Robin and Macaques, and about the island's significance to Singapore's history.

Families with a love for history won't want to miss the heritage-themed sheets that delve deeper into WWII memorabilia, including coastal guns, the remains of fortified military structures and tunnels. 

Timmy & Tammy Activity Book

Go on an adventure and explore Sentosa with Timmy & Tammy by downloading the PDF activity book where children will get to learn more about the island through tracing, colouring and picture search activities. 

Virtual Learning Journey

For older kids, Sentosa offers free virtual learning journeys to encourage children to learn more about the importance of conservation, biodiversity and the heritage on Sentosa. Using technology, these resource makes learning at home interactive and more engaging for children. 

My Sentosa Adventure ‚Äď Saving Our Habitat¬†

In My Sentosa Adventure - Saving Our Habitat, children will take part in a virtual game where they will travel along the Imbiah Trail through a 360¬į video¬†to locate the Guardians of Imbiah to save the rainforest from an angry Dragon.¬†

By interacting with characters and checkpoints in the video, children will learn more about the flora and fauna in the forest. By applying this new knowledge, children will complete quizzes within the game to receive artefacts to complete their mission. 

Fort Siloso Virtual Tour

Visit Singapore's newest national monument, Fort Siloso, from the comfort of your own home. This virtual tour will bring families on an exploration of Singapore's only preserved coastal fort and learn more about its significance to the nation's history. 

Learn With Sentosa Photo-Hunt Contest

From now till 31 Mar 2022, BYKidO is collaborating with Sentosa on a Learn With Sentosa Photo-Hunt Contest! Simply use selected activity sheets to complete the photo-hunt and stand to win $900 worth of cash prizes! 

Get more details and instructions for the Learn With Sentosa Photo-Hunt Contest. 


*Photo Credits: Sentosa Development Corporation



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