Heritage Conservation Centre Behind The Scene

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Do you know what happens to artefacts when they are not in museums? How are paintings restored, and what exactly does a conservator do?

Unfortunately, the artefacts don’t come alive at night after the museums close to the public but what does actually happen to them when they’re not on display at the museum?

Well, if you ever wondered about the answers to the above-mention questions, it’s a great time to find out now that the museum doors are shut to us. What's more, you can easily find the answers in a three-part miniseries by Roots Sg that will bring you behind the scenes of Singapore’s Heritage Conservation Centre: Singapore’s repository and conservation facility for the management and preservation of Singapore’s National Collection.

Every episode will bring you to some of the different people who work behind the scenes at the Heritage Conservation Centre, highlighting their job details, what it entails and how they go about doing it with the aid of whimsical music and witty dialogue.

Heritage Conservation Centre Behind The Scene

In Episode 1, you’ll join Paintings Conservator Filzah and Conservation Scientist Lynn to peek into the process of conserving the paintings in the National Collection.

Heritage Conservation Centre Behind The Scene

Episode 2 will bring you to Collection Managers Xue Miao and Marilyn alongside a look into the process of how the artefacts and artworks are stored in the National Collection. And in Episode 3, the final part of the mini-series, you’ll follow Photographer Dave and Cataloguer Afiqah to learn more about the cataloging and archival process of the artefacts and artworks.

Heritage Conservation Centre Behind The Scene

Photo credits Roots Sg/YouTube


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