GE2020 Polling Day: Is It A Public Holiday? Can We Bring Our Kids Along?

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Singaporeans will go to the Polls on Friday, July 10, 2020. For parents who are keen to know - Yes, it is a Public Holiday!

We do not usually write about politics but we thought you might be keen to know if polling day is a Public Holiday. Or whether you can bring your kid along. We compiled a list of questions that parents may be interested to know about Polling Day. 

Polling Day = Public Holiday

To facilitate the voting process, Polling Day, 10th July 2020, will be a public holiday. This means, no work for you and no school for the kids. 

Kids will also be on the new term break on 20th July (in case you forgot).

Voting Time = 2 Hour

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You won't take 2 hours to vote... but you will have a 2 hour period to head to the polling station to cast your vote.

Before Polling Day, you will receive a polling card stating your polling station and the 2 hour time period allocated for you. 

Check Your Polling Station Online

*Update (30 June 2020): You may also check at the Polling Station Enquiry website for your polling station and time period allocated! 

Voting = No Kids

Your kids will not be allowed into the polling station with you. So better make arrangements for those 2 hours. You are also advised not to bring bags and pets too! 

COVID-19 = More Safety Measures

Polling Day - Safety Measures

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Due to the COVID-19 situation, a number of safety measures will be in place, including wearing of gloves, the use of sanitisers, and rejecting you if you have a fever. 

Also, you may check on Polling Day for the queue status and to better plan your time! 


Have any other related questions about voting? Talk to us on our social media channels too (@bykido - FB and @bringyourkidout - IG). 


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