PUB Wants To Educate You AND The Kids About Rising Sea Levels

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PUB is the national coastal protection agency which is tasked with combating rising sea levels and how Singapore can protect our coastlines.

With climate change causing sea level rise globally, it’s important for an island city like Singapore to plan ahead and reimagine our coastlines, so we can keep our shores and our people safe.

PUB is the national coastal protection agency to lead, coordinate and explore efforts to protect Singapore’s coastlines from rising sea levels! 

Why Do We Need To Be Concern? 

Being an island city, Singapore is surrounded by the sea and if we ignore the threat of the rising sea levels, we could face devastating consequences in the future. Not only will our beaches, like East Coast Park and Changi Beach Park, be flooded but many of us will be affected with 30% of our land less than 5m above sea level.

How Quickly Are Sea Levels Rising? 

Sea level rise is driven by climate change and global warming. As more greenhouse gases are released and trapped in our atmosphere, our planet heats up. This leads to the melting of polar ice caps and glaciers, which increases the amount of water in our oceans. As sea water warms, it also expands ‚Äď further contributing to the rise in global sea levels.

Mean sea level around Singapore is projected to rise by up to 1m by 2100 (source). Sea levels could rise up to 4m or 5m if we take into account other phenomena.

Let's Educate Our Kids!

PUB has launched a 3-episode video to investigate rising sea levels and how Singapore is protecting our coasts from it. This light-hearted approach is helpful to bring this important topic to our kids and to educate them about the threat of sea level rise and the work done to combat it! 

Join Sea-rius Li in his investigations to find out more! 

You can watch the last Episode of Sea-rius Li here.



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