Comparing Food Delivery Services In Singapore | GrabFood, Food Panda, WhyQ and Deliveroo

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There are plenty of Food Delivery Services in Singapore for the times you don't want to or cannot leave the house! Here's a quick comparison of Food Delivery Services in Singapore! 

Singaporeans love food, we love it so much that despite our small size, we are ranked 3rd globally for most Mcdeliveries in a day! This is why several Food Delivery Services have sprouted up on our little island over the last few years. 

Let's have a look at the popular Food Delivery Services, and how they compare with each other! In this comparison, we look at GrabFood, Food Panda, WhyQ and Deliveroo!




It's likely that you are already using Grab, and with thousands of restaurants to choose from, there is little wonder GrabFood is one of the most popular food delivery service provider in Singapore. With the option to pay via GrabPay, you also earn GrabRewards to redeem rewards too! 

  • Delivery Fee: $3 - $5
  • Min. Order: $8
  • Delivery Hours: Varies

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Food Panda



You won't run out of choices with Food Panda as they partner with many restaurants on the platform. Apart from delivery, you also have the option of Pick-Up, which allows you to order beforehand and pick-up without queuing and delivery fees. 

  • Delivery Fee: $0.99 - $2.99
  • Min. Order: Charges the difference to the min. $10
  • Delivery Hours: Varies




The key differential of WhyQ is its focus on hawker food, bringing our local fare directly to you. Simply choose from one of the participating hawker centres, and make your order across the stalls in the centre! You are not even restricted to just one stall! 

  • Delivery Fee: $1.50 per dish
  • Min. Order:¬†None
  • Delivery Hours:¬†Lunch and Dinner Timings




If you are looking for a nice premium meal at home, you won't want to miss the restaurants listed on Deliveroo. Focusing on providing delivery services for the mid-range to high-class restaurants, Deliveroo has been known for the premium restaurants on its platform. 

  • Delivery Fee: $3
  • Min. Order:¬†$5 charge for orders below $12
  • Delivery Hours:¬†Varies


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