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We’ve scoured the web to bring you the latest promotional codes for Deliveroo, GrabFood, Foodpanda and WhyQ! This is updated for May 2021! 

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Now, while we’ve tried our best to get only the latest codes that are still valid, there may be some that have expired. As such, we advise you to proceed with caution or plunge in at your own risk.

Have you prepared your pens and papers? Here we go!


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If you’re looking for regular order-ins for the family, you may want to opt for the Deliveroo Plus subscription at $16.90/month for free delivery on orders with a minimum spend of $18.

Here are some of Deliveroo's best deals for your consideration:

  • 14 days Free Delivery (New Customers)

First-time users of the Deliveroo app get to enjoy 14 days of free delivery, with a minimum spend of $12.

Promo Code: None
 Until 1 Jun 2021

  • $15 Bundle Meals (New & Existing Customers)

$15 bundle deals are available across a number of restaurants, which include Poke Theory and Hans Im Gluck.


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  • Free Off-Peak Delivery¬†(New & Existing Customers)

Available from Mondays to Thursdays, 7am to 10am and 3pm to 5pm, this free off-peak delivery deal allows for an early lunch or dinner without having to pay for surge delivery fees during peak periods, and with no minimum spend.

This promotion is applicable to quite a number of stores on the GrabFood app, including popular eateries (i.e., McDonald’s, KFC, Subway and Starbucks), as well as a handful of hawker stalls.

Promo Code: OFFPEAK
 Until 31 May 2021

  • Tea-Time Free Delivery¬†(New & Existing Customers)

This Grabfood tea-time free delivery deal is applicable to selected stores, from Fridays to Sundays, 3pm to 5pm, with no minimum spend.

Promo Code: TEATIME
 Until 31 May 2021

  • 30% Off Self Pick-Up¬†(New & Existing Customers)

Enjoy 30% off with GrabFood's self pick-up, with no minimum spend. Simply place your order on the app before leaving home, and make your way to the store to pick it up.

Promo Code: SELFPICK30
 Until 29 May 2021

  • $15 Off Self Pick-Up For Large Orders (New & Existing Customers)

For larger orders, you can further maximise your savings with GrabFood's $15 off self pick-up promotion, with a minimum spend of $60.

 Until 29 May 2021

  • 50% Off First Order¬†(New Customers)

For first-time users of the GrabFood app, you get to enjoy 50% off your first order, with a minimum spend of $10.

Promo Code: WELCOME
 Until 31 May 2021

  • MasterCard: $4 Off¬†(New & Existing Customers)

New and existing users of the GrabFood app are eligible to enjoy $4 off their orders (with a minimum spend of $20), upon checking out with MasterCard.

Promo Code: MC4OFF
 28 Jun 2021


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  • Daily 1-For-1 Deals (New & Existing Customers)

In celebration of its 9th birthday, FoodPanda is rolling out daily 1-for-1 deals (with no minimum spend) across nine participating restaurants, each running for 24 hours from 19 to 27 May 2021. Stay tuned to their app to find out more about the eligible stores.

Promo Code: None
 19 to 27 May 2021

  • 3 x $3 Off Drinks & Desserts Self Pick-Up¬†(New & Existing Customers)

Place a self pick-up order for drinks and/or desserts, anytime between¬†5pm to 10pm daily, and get to enjoy a total of¬†$9 off¬†‚Äď split into three $3 off your orders (minimum spend of $12 per order).

Promo Code: 9BDAYPU
 19 to 31 May 2021

  • 15% Off All Self Pick-Up Orders¬†(New & Existing Customers)

Enjoy 15% off ALL self pick-up orders on the FoodPanda app, with no minimum spend.

Promo Code: None
 Until 31 May 2021

  • 20% Off Breakfast Orders¬†(New & Existing Customers)

Place your breakfast order between 7am to 11am daily, and enjoy 20% off (with a minimum spend of $15). Do stay tuned to the FoodPanda app to find out more about the participating restaurants.

 Until 31 May 2021

  • Free Delivery For Vegetarian Restaurants¬†(New & Existing Customers)

FoodPanda has free delivery (with a minimum spend of $10) for the following vegetarian restaurants:

1. Daily Green
2. JustGreens
3. Zi Zai
4. Nature Cafe

 Until 30 May 2021

  • $5 Off Pizza, Pasta & Fried Chicken Orders (New & Existing Customers)

Enjoy $5 off all pizza, pasta and fried chicken orders (with a minimum spend of $20) at the following restaurants:

1. Nonnina’s Pizzeria
2. Pasteria
3. Jackson’s Fried Chicken
4. Honest Bowl
5. Faasos
6. Jjang Chikin

Promo Code: FAV5
 Until 30 May 2021

  • 50% Off & $9 Cashback (New Customers)

First-time users of the FoodPanda app can get to enjoy 50% off (capped at $12) and $9 cashback, with a minimum spend of $10.

Promo Code: FIRST50
 Until 31 May 2021

  • $4 Off First Three Self Pick-Up Orders¬†(New Customers)

New FoodPanda app users can also enjoy $4 off their first three self pick-up orders, with a minimum spend of $10.

Until 31 May 2021

  • DBS: $10 Off (New Customers)

New users of the FoodPanda app checking out with their DBS/POSB cards are eligible to enjoy $10 off their orders, with a minimum spend of $15, by using the following promo code:

Promo Code: DBSNEW21
Until 31 May 2021

  • DBS: Free Delivery¬†(New & Existing Customers)

New and existing users of the FoodPanda app checking out with their DBS/POSB cards are eligible to enjoy free delivery on orders with a minimum spend of $25, by using the following promo code:

Promo Code: DBS21MAY
Until 31 May 2021


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If you prefer to go for hawker food, why not give WhyQ a try instead! 

  • Free Delivery For Stores Under The¬†‚ÄúTop Hawker Eats‚ÄĚ Category¬†(New & Existing Customers)

Enjoy free islandwide delivery¬†(with a minimum spend of $35) on orders from stores under WhyQ's ‚ÄúTop Hawker Eats‚ÄĚ category. Visit the WhyQ website¬†for the full list of eligible hawkers.

Promo Code: FDPICKS
Until 31 Dec 2021

  • Up To 50% Off For Regular Customers¬†(New & Existing Customers)

For every additional day of the week (Monday to Sunday) that you order from WhyQ, enjoy an¬†additional 10%¬†off your order (no minimum spend is required) ‚Äď capped at 50% off and $3 off per order.

Promo Code: WHYQWEEK
Validity: TBC

  • $2 Off With PayLah¬†(New & Existing Customers)

Enjoy $2 off your order using your PayLah account, with just a minimum spend of $6.

Promo Code: PLWHYQ
Validity: Until 31 May 2021

  • $6 Off With PayLah (New Customers)

For first-time users of the WhyQ app, get to enjoy $6 off your order using your PayLah account, with a minimum spend of $10.

Promo Code: WHYQNEW
Validity: Until 31 May 2021

  • Free Delivery For On-Demand Orders¬†(New & Existing Customers)

Most of WhyQ‚Äôs orders have to be scheduled in advance, but they do have a section for on-demand orders for meals delivered to you ASAP ‚Äď very much like the other food delivery apps.¬†Enjoy¬†free delivery on your orders, with a minimum spend¬†of¬†$35.¬†

Visit the WhyQ website for the full list of on-demand options available.

Promo Code: ASAP35
Validity: Until 31 Dec 2021

  • ¬†$4 Off Wholegrain Tagged Items (New & Existing Customers)

In collaboration with HPB‚Äôs Eat, Drink, Shop Healthy campaign, all items tagged ‚Äúwholegrain‚ÄĚ on WhyQ's app grants you a¬†$4 discount, with no minimum spend required.

Promo Code: WG4OFF
Validity: Until 31 Dec 2021

  • 20% Off Breakfast & Dinner Orders¬†(New & Existing Customers)

Enjoy 20% discount off breakfast (minimum spend of $5) and dinner (minimum spend of $6) orders, each redeemable once a day.

Breakfast (8am to 9.45am, Daily)
Promo Code: 20BFAST
Validity: TBC

Dinner (6pm to 8pm, Daily)
Promo Code: 20DINNER
Validity: TBC

  • $5 Off (New Customers)

First-time users of the WhyQ app get to enjoy $5 off their orders, with no minimum spend.

Promo Code: FREEMEAL
Validity: TBC

  • DBS: $5 Off¬†(New Customers)

New users of the WhyQ app checking out with their DBS/POSB cards are eligible to enjoy $5 off on orders with no minimum spend required, by using the following promo code:

Promo Code: DBSWHYQ
Validity: 31 Aug 2021 


Please note that all the promotion codes in this list, compiled by BYKidO and not carried out by us, are simply for sharing purposes and while we've tried our best, there may be some errors due to outdated information.


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