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The Glasshouse by Chamber Music and Arts Singapore offers quality screen time for children and youths by enabling them to engage meaningfully with music and the arts for personal inner growth and development.

With the aim to provide a consistent creative virtual sphere, where quality music and arts is sustained - shared and enjoyed by creators, curators, children, youths and families, The Glasshouse by Chamber Music and Arts Singapore is offering four extensive weekly programmes:

1. #origins (0 - 6 Years Old)
2. #origins (6 - 12 Years Old)
3. #blossoms (Children & Youth with special needs)
4. #blossoms (Youth & Young Adults)

In #origins, classical music stories come alive by way of colourful illustrations, light animations and gripping listening opportunities - on top of activities for reviewing knowledge gained and canvases for self-expression. 

In #blossoms, children and youths venture through lighthearted musical and artistic journeys to build capability for emotion regulation, calming, creativity and self-expression, as well as positive self-talk and reframing; whilst youths and young adults focus on building 24 character-strengths by way of reflection and expression.

Both #origins and #blossoms make use of Buncee, an interactive child-friendly creative software, through which the children and youths can interact with the in-house storyboards, activities and canvases.  

Sign up for a membership with The Glasshouse now, via the BYKidO website here!

If you would like to find out more, you may also join a complimentary 40-minute The Glasshouse Walk-Through session with The Glasshouse's Artistic Director.

Alternatively, you may also e-mail us here.


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