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9 Interesting and Creative Home Activities that Engage with Your Child Effectively

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In this era where everyone is so busy, let us help with some interesting and creative activities that you can do at home to engage with your child.

*This article is adapted and done in collaboration with MuzArt Singapore. The original article is available here

In this era where everyone is so busy and preoccupied with many things, there are times that parents don’t have enough time to bond with their children and children always opt to something that will entertain them and will keep them busy in an easy way – gadgets. Gadgets are not bad as long as there is proper guidance and regulated screen time based on their age.

We all know that parenting is never an easy task. It is a lifelong commitment that requires effort and patience. It is a very fulfilling role but with struggles along the way, especially for first-time parents. One of the biggest dilemmas in parenting is maximizing time without compromising bonding moments with children. If you are experiencing this dilemma and are wondering how you can engage with your child at home even if you are busy, here are some simple and interesting home-activities that you can do to engage with your child! 

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1. Sensory Walk Activity

This is one of the best outdoor activities that you can set up for your little ones. Just prepare large bins and fill each bin with different things like sticks, sand, water, rocks, shaving cream, bubble wrap, beads, flour, etc. arrange it like a trail and let them walk in it. They will feel different sensations in every bin.

2. Labeling Containers Activity

Let your child participate in labelling different containers that you can find at home. Let them design, colour, write, or stick the labels into the container. They will learn how to organize things at the same time will activate their creative thinking skills. Use this opportunity to teach them sustainability such as recycle, reduce and reuse.

3. Cutting Vegetables/Fruits Activity

Buy a plastic knife and let your child cut vegetables or fruits, give them the soft once and supervise to avoid injury. This activity will help develop gross motor skills. Use this activity to educate your child the importance of having a balance meal by including vegetables and fruits in their daily diet.

4. DIY Slime Activity

Kids love slime and they will love it more when they made it themselves. Add beads to it for added sensory play. Most children will enjoy and will have ton of fun engaging this activity with you.

5. Baking or Cooking Activity

Look for a simple recipe that you can do with your child. Let them do the preparation work which includes simple mixing, stirring, adding of ingredients or even decorating of the dish or cake, etc. This activity is good for the development of fine and gross motor skills.

6. Treasure Hunting

Hide some “treasures” inside your home or at your backyard. Put some clues in every station. This will be a fun and exciting activity plus this can be a great exercise, especially if you put all the clues in treasures far from each other. Be creative and add some meaningful questions and answers to your treasures to educate and arose your child curiosity such as “What does 3R in sustainability stands for?” ” Can you any 3 secondary colours?” or “Do you know what is the result of 4 multiply by 10?” You can have some Mathematics, Science, Arts or even social values information in your questions.

7. Indoor Maze

Create an indoor maze using strings. Imitate a laser-like rays when putting the strings. Instruct your child to go through the maze without touching the strings. This game will teach your child how to strategize and this is also a great exercise.

8. Sponge Water Transfer

Prepare two bins (one is filled with water and the other one is empty). Grab some sponge and cut it into different pieces. Soak the sponges in the bin with water then instruct your child to transfer the water to the empty bin using the sponges. This activity will test your child’s patience and strategic planning.

9. Shadow Games

Learn different shadow shapes and turn off the lights. Prepare a flashlight, turn it on facing a wall. Start creating your shadow shapes and let your child imagine and create their version. Enjoy!


These are just some of the ideas to help help you engage with your child at home. Remember that children have different characteristics, so these may work for some but not for others, just continue to experiment and find ways that works for your child.

While it may be hard at first but the results will be to create connection and bonding moments with your children. Your child will feel secure and will be at ease in sharing their thoughts and feelings with you. Good memories and experiences will always be good investments. These will forever remain in their mind and heart.


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This article is prepared by

Jiarong Yu
Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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