White Rabbit’s Bay Spring Carnival Pop-up with White Rabbit Ice Cream Sampling!

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The official White Rabbit creamy candy brand continues spreading its Year of the Rabbit cheer, this time at the Bay Spring Carnival at the Bayfront Event Space!

Venue: Bay Spring Carnival, Bayfront Event Space
Dates: Till 29 Jan 2023
Admission: Free

From adorable tote bags to exclusive branded red packets, White Rabbit fans can look forward to getting their hands on specially curated gift sets featuring exclusive White Rabbit merchandise (and candy, of course!). These sets also include brand new flavours of the beloved White Rabbit candy, including red bean, coffee, yoghurt, mustard and prune drops.

Plus, you can also look forward to treating yourself to some White Rabbit ice cream with delicious toppings such as bak kwa, salted egg fish skin, potato chips, and popcorn, as well as traditional favourites such as cookies with chocolate and nuts as you frolic around the carnival ground!

Exclusive White Rabbit Gift Sets

Check out the endearing White Rabbit Tote Bag embellished with its lovable flower design included in the Happy Plateday Gift Set. Plus, the accompanying White Rabbit Ceramic Plate is an adorable centrepiece for any festive tabletop! Of course, no White Rabbit gift set is complete without its beloved candy – included in this set are 8 pieces of White Rabbit’s classic Creamy Candy for you to enjoy. 

Ardent sweet-tooths will love the Candy Medley Gift Set. The three different bags of candy flavours are perfect for sharing. Other gifts that are perfect for sharing include a set of limited edition White Rabbit Red Packets, White Rabbit Fridge Magnets and White Rabbit Stickers! 

A blast to the past, the charming vintage Happy Tingkat Tu Year set pays homage to the old-school containers used back in the day and represents a wonderful gift for your loved ones – it has two levels each holding 18 candies (that’s a total of 36!) and features both White Rabbit’s original and red bean flavours. Throw in the set’s pair of oranges plus as many hongbao packets and you’re all sorted for a truly sweet CNY celebration!

Cookies are a festive season staple and with that, the White Rabbit Mahjong Cookies - created in collaboration with local bakery Chang Ho Sek - are truly a must-have for this festive season. Filled with the familiar rich and creamy flavours, the cookies come in flavours such as coffee, matcha and kueh bangkit, all reminiscent of the nostalgic White Rabbit Creamy Candy. The cookies are also specially packed in bottles that feature a charming mahjong-styled design, making it the perfect snack for your gaming nights this CNY.

White Rabbit Ice Cream Sampling Booth

If you’re looking for a breather from the thrills of the carnival festivities, there’s no better way to chill and relax than to grab yourself a cup of White Rabbit ice cream, packed with the creamy flavour of the beloved original candy!

And if you’re feeling a little bit more adventurous on the day, you can also enjoy exciting toppers at the sampling station, such as bak kwa, salted egg fish skin, potato chips and popcorn, as well as traditional favourites such as cookies with chocolate and nuts


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