View the Solar Eclipse at the Science Centre Observatory on 20 April 2023

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On 20th April, a rare hybrid solar eclipse will be happening and the Science Centre Observatory will be hosting a viewing session!

Venue: Science Centre Singapore
Dates: 20 Apr 2023
Admission: Tickets to Science Centre Singapore required

On 20th April, a rare hybrid solar eclipse will be visible in Singapore. In this rare type of solar eclipse, some places will observe a total solar eclipse while some will observe an annular solar eclipse. This is due to the Moon's orbit and Earth's curvature during the eclipse.

Places such as Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Papua New Guinea, which are out of the complete shadow of the moon, observers will witness a partial eclipse as only part of the Sun will be covered. In Singapore, the Moon will only cover an average of 15% of the Sun’s disk at the peak of the eclipse.

When is it happening?

The eclipse is expected to happen in three phases:

  • Start of eclipse: 10.54am
  • Maximum eclipse: 11.55am
  • End of eclipse: 12.58pm

Guests can also complete their experience at the Centre‚Äôs Omni-Theatre at 10am and 1pm with a live planetarium show called ‚ÄėExploring New Worlds‚Äô.

Take note that directly viewing the eclipse with the naked eye is unsafe. To ensure adequate protection for the eyes, viewers must use specialised solar filters.

When is the next solar eclipse? 

If you missed this one, the next solar eclipse visible in Singapore is on 2 August 2027. It will be a partial solar eclipse occurring during sunset, which is difficult to catch. Following that, another partial solar eclipse will be visible in Singapore on 22 July 2028.

Viewing Session at Science Centre Singapore

Science Centre Singapore will also host a viewing session at the Ecogarden with telescopes set out offering a safe and magnified view of the eclipse. A livestream of the eclipse will also be available via Science Centre Singapore’s YouTube channel. 

Admission charges apply (telescope viewing is complimentary with a Science Centre admission ticket).


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