UNTAME: Spaces to Places Happens At Singapore Science Centre

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UNTAME 2022 explores emerging topics through the STEM lens via a suite of cross-platform activities for all ages.

Venue: Science Centre Singapore

  • UNTAME STEAM Festival: 4 - 9 Oct
  • UNTAME Online: 1 Oct - 11 Dec¬†
  • UNTAME Outreach: 23 Sep onwards
  • UNTAME Onsite: 2 - 11 Dec¬†

Admission: Depends on event 

UNTAME: Spaces to Places is an immersive, blended learning festival at the Science Centre Singapore boasting a series of initiatives from now until 11 Dec, this includes the popular STEAM Festival, Online and Onsite activities as well as a special do-it-yourself kit too. 

This is UNTAME's 3rd run and it continues to empower an edutaining discovery of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines, and how their convergence with Arts and Humanities helps drive critical solutions for navigating a post-pandemic world.

Spaces to Places 

This year's theme explores the idea of active transformation in today’s world. 

Purposeless spaces become places when people and ideas converge. After almost three years of worldwide lockdowns and social distancing, public spaces have become vital to the community’s well-being and restoring life in cities.

UNTAME 2022 seeks to be a platform that transforms spaces to places of
creation, connection and celebration. Through a¬†series of curated activities, audiences will embark¬†on a journey to carve a purposeful place for¬†themselves via four key zones ‚Äď living space¬†(sustainability), outer space (astronomy), cyber¬†space (digitalisation and artificial intelligence),¬†and inner space (mental health and wellness).

UNTAME: Spaces to Places mirrors last year’s four-part extravaganza, featuring UNTAME STEAM Festival, UNTAME Online, UNTAME Outreach and UNTAME Onsite, including a series of Day and After Dark events.


Dates: 4 to 9 Oct
Admission: $79.90 (Child 2 - 6 years old), $24.90 (Adult)

Organised by KidsSTOP, UNTAME STEAM Festival is a signature event that seeks to showcase creative approaches to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) - based teaching and learning with a host of educational and sensorial experiences for children. Open to public from 4 to 9 October at Science Centre Singapore, young learners will be able to explore Inner Space, Living Space and Outer Space via hands-on activities.

Throughout the week, children, parents and educators can get their hands dirty at the STEAM PlayYard through fun activities like 3D printing your own astronaunt, building a mini town and launching your very own rocket. Back at the festival are also the Immersive Zone - where participants will be transported into a virtual realm of the animal kingdom.

The STEAM Festival introduces the Toddler Zone for the first time. Here, little ones (2 - 3 years old) can explore different seasons, discover about emotions, and participate in STEAM activities related to outer space and cyberspace. They can also join in a sensory trail specially curated by students of Republic Polytechnic or visit the Neighbourhood of Tomorrow art installation, a meaningful community project in collaboration with The Artground involving over 1000 kids.

Families can also take part in the Sensory Theatre and help rookie astronaut Jo employ problem-solving skills to complete her mission.

Sensory Theatre: Mars I Do This? 

Dates: 4 - 6 Oct: 10 am, 12 pm & 2 pm | 7 - 9 Oct: 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm & 4 pm

‚ÄúMars I Do This?‚ÄĚ follows the journey of Jo - a little girl who loves outer space. No one truly understands her,¬†except her two best friends Strelka (dog) and Ham (chimpanzee). Join them as they journey through space¬†to reach Mars and help them on a mission to fix the rover! This story¬†revolves around several themes familiar¬†to children - friendship, problem-solving and adventure.


Dates: 1 Oct - 11 Dec
Admission: Free

UNTAME Online will kick off via #UNTAMEspaces, a gamified platform designed exclusively for the blockbuster virtual event. Guests will take on characters called STEMlings, who find that their world - once a lush paradise - is now damaged by The Void with black goo. Having identified that the corrupt substance is drawn only to empty spaces, STEMlings must work against time to fill the habitats with people, items and purpose.

To do so, audiences will traverse through five habitats to complete missions to get rid of The Void. These include:

  • Living Space - Learning what makes a home sustainable and performing tasks to restore¬†ravaged habitats.
  • Outer Space ‚Äď Building satellites and rockets to blast into outer STEM to overcome the¬†lurking black goo in the atmosphere.
  • Cyber Space - Transforming into a byte-sized avatar and building digital infrastructure to¬†prevent black goo from hacking into digital spaces.
  • Inner Space - Investigating how the black goo affects one‚Äôs mental state and how can one¬†restore their personal wellbeing.
  • Parallel Space ‚Äď Special habitat unlockable with purchase of LOCI kit.

In partnership with local landmarks like heritage centres and public libraries, missions can be completed online and on-ground at these collaborators’ sites. As players progress through the platform, they accumulate in-game currency which can be used to redeem attractive prizes.

UNTAME Outreach

Dates: 23 Sep Onwards
Price: $54.90

Open to both schools and public participants, UNTAME Outreach presents the LOCI (Living, Outer, Cyber and Inner) kit, a do-it-yourself collection of five curated STEM activities. These include: 

  • Drone Race - Code and build a light ring that changes colour when a drone is flown across.
  • Gyropaint - Create beautiful art pieces using a spin art machine.
  • Stomp Rocket - Assemble and build a rocket launcher paired with a paper rocket.
  • Code-a-Pet - Build and code an electronic, instruction-responsive pet.
  • Algae to the Rescue - Play a card game with friends to discover who among you is a better¬†guardian of marine life.

The kits are best suited for learners aged 10 to 17. The activities also tie in with tasks in the Young Scientist Badge programme.


Comprising of UNTAME Day & After Dark, UNTAME Onsite celebrates STEM in a multi-dimensional experience as exciting activities await during the day and night.


Dates: 2 - 11 Dec, 10 am - 5 pm
Price: $15.90 (Use promo code: LOCI to enjoy a discount, limited time only)

UNTAME Day features an exciting, limited time only event, where guests can put their speed and wits to the test.

Bringing to life a truly gamified experience, join in the fun at the Centre as it transforms into METANU, an immersive game world. Register to be a STEMling Agent and hone your skills to defeat The Void that has consumed the Science Centre. Complete all missions to collect points and win prizes -

  • Mission #1: Living Space:¬†Take a dive into the deep dark ocean to source for items. Concoct a special potion to¬†protect yourself against unknown substances!
  • Mission #2: Outer Space:¬†Navigate through the maze and look for bonus items to help you on your journey.
  • Mission #3: Cyber Space: Identify deception and ally in this game of one truth and two lies.
  • Mission #4: Inner Space:¬†Put your focus to the test in this challenge. Overcome the obstacle by avoiding¬†distractions.
  • Mission #5: Target Shooting:¬†Hone your precision at the target shooting range and eliminate all targets before¬†running out of time.

Those who prefer more laidback activities can enjoy film screenings from the Science Film Festival collection by the Goethe-Institut Singapur or stroll through a flea market where families can expect to find a whole selection of handcrafted and sustainable goods.

UNTAME After Dark

Dates: 2 - 4 & 9 - 11 Dec, until 10.30 pm
Price: $19.90 (Use promo code: LOCI to enjoy a discount, limited time only)

*Note that UNTAME After Dark is only for 18 years old and above. 

At UNTAME After Dark, you will get to experience Science Centre Singapore as a game world comes to life after dark, featuring a myriad of activities and performances. Participate in the METANU game world missions at a higher difficulty level. Discover if you have what it takes to defeat The Void at its toughest level and stand to win attractive prizes.

Take a breather from the adrenaline-filled games and be entertained by a series of live musical performances and film screenings. Feast on a delicious selection of fair favourites and indulge in some retail therapy at our eco-friendly flea market. For the first time ever, get ready to be enthralled by a special display of the ever-popular Fire Tornado show after hours.


For more information on SCS’s UNTAME: Spaces to Places, please visit https://www.science.edu.sg/untame


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