Things to do this Weekend: Kids Activities @ Voilah French Festival Singapore 2018

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Location: Various locations
1 Apr - 5 May 2018
Various Timings
Fees according to Event

Voilah! French Festival Singapore 2018

An exciting line-up of over 20 arts and cultural programmes await Singapore at Voilah! French Festival Singapore 2018, as France and Singapore pay homage to 10 years of cultural cooperation and exchange this year. The highly-anticipated festival returns from 1 April to 5 May, highlighting the best of French-Singapore partnerships and innovation in the arts, culture and science. 

Let us help you with a list of events happening @ Voilah! that you may attend with your Little Ones! 

1. The Rock's Clown

1 April, 6pm
Gardens by the Bay, Dragonfly Lake
Free Admission

Voilah! French Festival Singapore 2018

A collaboration between Singapore and France, a fitting performance to open the festival. Local personality, Hossan Leong (first Singaporean Patron for French Culture), will be partnering with French artist Jean Lambert-Wild and juggler Martin Palisse. 

The Rock’s Clown is an outdoor visual spectacle mixing poetry and humour with circus antics and a dash of Greek mythology, as the character of Sisyphus is brought to life in and around Gardens by the Bay’s Dragonfly Lake. 

Catch them swim and jest in and around the Dragonfly Lake! 

2. Touched by the Cold

1 April - 6 May
The Colonnade, Gardens by the Bay
Free Admission

Michel Rawicki‚Äôs photo exhibition,¬†Touched by the Cold, will open your¬†child's mind¬†to the impact of¬†climate change. The¬†impassioned French¬†photographer spent the last 20 years documenting the plight of wildlife in the poles ‚Äď a region that bears the brunt of current environmental concerns.¬†

Voilah! French Festival Singapore 2018

Be captivated with these stunning photos! This photo of the polar bear, looking at the full moon - involves sitting in the cold, holding a camera (without tripod) for 2.5 hrs, and having just about 1.5 secs to capture the "perfect shot".


25 April - 5 May
National Design Centre
Free Admission

Science fiction becomes reality at A-DROYX ‚Äď a unique exhibition by Mathieu Briand at the National Design Centre.¬†Briand recreates his laboratory where visitors can follow and interact with him as he puts A-droyx together ‚Äď from the design stage, to 3D modeling and electronic assembling ‚Äď leaving everyone to ponder on the limitless possibilities of the future.

Voilah! French Festival Singapore 2018

In this photo, you see the "humanoids" through the use of VR technology, going through the minds of the robot! As the Festival Director puts it - simply amazing.

4. Chocolate Workshop for Children 

28 April 1.30pm - 2.30pm or 3pm - 4pm
Swissotel The Stamford
Free Admission

Voilah! French Festival Singapore 2018

French Wine, French Pastries, and how about some French Chocolates! 

Come indulge in a sweet afternoon of chocolate goodness with our French
pastry chefs, at this special workshop for kids. Little ones will have their hands full creating chocolate lollipops and garnishing chocolate bars ‚Äď and of
course there will be chocolate to take home!

Organised by Valrhona as part of Voilah! French Festival Singapore 2018, the workshop will be conducted by Fabrice David, Executive Master Pastry Chef at l’Ecole Valrhona Tokyo, and Brice Konan- Ferrand, Master Pastry Chef trainer at Valrhona Hong Kong.

5. Animations 

A couple of shows and animations will be happening over the festival period - celebrating the french culture. We pick 2 that may be of interest to your Little Ones (and you)

The Wind of Reeds
29 April, 4.30pm
Alliance Française de Singapour, The Theatre,
Level 1
Tickets available at

Voilah! French Festival Singapore 2018

Eliette, aged 8, lives in a country where music has been banned by the king. A wandering minstrel from the East has his instruments confiscated. He is not the
sort of person to like being told what to do. He makes friends with Eliette, who has made a flute from a wild reed in secret. Together, they will lead the people in a rebellion against the king’s tyranny.

A Cat in Paris
8 & 21 April, 2pm
The Projector
Tickets available

Dino is a Hitchcockian cat that leads a double life - a slinky pet by day and a slippery burglar by night. His two worlds collide when his owner, young Zoe decides to follow him on his nocturnal adventures across the idiosyncratic Art-Deco and Cubist skylines of Notre-Dame but falls into the treacherous hands of some bumbling thieves - will Dino be able to save her by himself?


For more information, and to see details of the other exciting programmes from Voilah! French Festival Singapore 2018, click here!

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