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, the go-to platform for Parents to discover Kids events and experiences reaches over 80,000 parents monthly across our various channels, and we are always looking for interesting content and information to share with our parenting community. 

Our mission is help more families create their next Family Memory and we cannot do this without a community of Mummies and Daddies supporting us. 

BYKidO Moments: A Kids Friendly Trip to Taiwan

Are you always bringing the kids to new and interesting places? Or perhaps your friends are always asking you for ideas of where to bring their kids to? We want to hear from you - help create the next family memory! 

How to be a Contributor? 

Everyone can be one! 

Simply send an email to with simple information of where you been, why you like to share it, and pictures or videos that we may use too! Or just drop us a pm on Facebook or Instagram! 

Special Contribution: Have you spent weeks planning your itinerary for the family? Won't it be a waste if it was only used once? Contribute your itineraries to us, and if we choose to feature them, you will get to win prizes too! Details (coming soon). 


Admiralty Park with Mummy Georgina

BYKidO Moments: A visit to Admiralty Park with Mummy Georgina

What to contribute? 

Been somewhere new and interesting? Found a hidden gem in your neighbourhood? Managed to attend a not-to-be-missed event? Or simply have knowledge on bringing your kids out to share?

As long as it helps Mummies and Daddies with ideas of where to go and what to do, we want to know! 

Travelling with the LOsBYKidO Moments: Planning a Trip with the LO

We don't need an essay - key information, an one-liner and lots of pictures and videos will be great! Get some ideas from previous sharing here. 

Have a social media post to share or a blog post instead? Send them across, and we will definitely include it in our sharing too! Or click here (coming soon) for a list of social media accounts that we follow too! 

*Include your social media accounts or website if you wish it to be included. Businesses should use our free event listing for your business needs instead. 

Start Contributing Now

Share your Family Memories and help others create theirs!

Send us an email to or just drop us a pm on Facebook or Instagram!